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Set Sail with Meraki Switches: 90 days left to hop on board

Good news! We will continue to run our promotion for first time Meraki Switch customers over the next 3 months.

They’re smart. They’re fast. They’re the technology partner your business has been waiting for. We’re talking, of course, about Meraki MS Switches.

With built-in enterprise security, virtual and physical stacking, Layer 7 visibility, intelligent network mapping, live troubleshooting tools, and more, MS switches are total game-changers for networks of all sizes. Meraki switch customers understand the health of their networks, deploy new devices, configure settings, troubleshoot, and create custom reports in significantly less time and with lower costs than their third-party switch counterparts.

Join the revolution! Until July 30, 2016, first-time Meraki switch customers are eligible for a special promotion on 5-year licenses. Buy any Meraki switch and we’ll give you a 5-year management license at the list price of a 1-year license*. That’s 4 years of smooth sailing on us.

Please check out for more information, and reach out to your Meraki rep or reseller before this ship leaves port. All aboard!


*Detailed terms and conditions apply and are available here (US/LATAM/CA), here (EMEAR), here (APJC), and here (???).