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Ringing in the Changes

For the past 10 years the team at Meraki has been pioneering a shift towards a cloud model for the management of network infrastructure. This all began with a research project our founders undertook as students at MIT in the early 2000s. By eliminating the need for a physical wireless LAN controller and drastically simplifying the management experience, Meraki has delivered an efficient, scalable ecosystem which significantly reduces costs for our customers. The potential of this architectural approach extends well beyond our initial wireless offerings, and we’ve added security, switching and mobility management along the way, bringing much needed simplicity to more and more networks.

This month we’re delighted to be bringing yet another game-changing product launch to market: our third in just six months! Our focus this time around has been in two areas, providing best-in-class performance in both our wired and wireless lines, and broadening our portfolio to extend the benefits of our cloud-managed approach to other areas of IT.

Let’s begin with performance. We’re announcing our first multigigabit products: a new flagship AP and access layer switch, which together eliminate the performance bottleneck of a single ethernet cable by squeezing more performance out of existing cabling. The MR53 and MS350-24X complement one another beautifully, providing unprecedented performance to the most demanding customers. Cloud managed networking as fast as anything from traditional players in the market? Take them for a spin and see.


The MS350-24X switch doesn’t stop at providing best-in-class performance. Every one of its 24 ports is also capable of supplying Universal PoE (UPoE), which pushes the power limit per port up to a whopping 60W! It’s now possible to use a Meraki switch to power more hungry technology, including virtual desktop terminals, IP trading turrets, medical equipment, even lighting!

Finally on switching, a refresh of our 10Gb/s aggregation switches adds better performance, 40Gb/s uplinks and stacking. The MS425 is available in 16 and 32 port configurations. We’ll be back to talk about multigigabit technology and the new AP models (yes, there are two) very soon.

It would be understandable to think that was enough for one product launch, but we couldn’t resist adding one more thing. Insert drumroll here….

We’re incredibly excited to be bringing the Meraki experience to the desktop with the launch of our first Voice over IP phone, the MC74. This breakthrough device has been incubating at our headquarters for quite some time, going through multiple revisions until we finished refining both the physical design and the user experience, both of which make a distinct statement that is typical Meraki: Simple and delightful to use.

Meraki MC74

Just as with every other product in the Meraki family, the MC74 is a breeze to deploy. It can be entirely set up via the familiar dashboard and shipped to the end user who then simply plugs it into any network that can reach the Internet. Where’s the PBX? It’s simple, there IS no PBX. Control for calls and features are all provided from the established and proven Meraki cloud.

Every phone needs a number, and one of the primary areas of focus during the development of the MC74 was the service provider onboarding experience, for access to the public telephone network (PSTN). With just a few clicks in the Meraki dashboard a customer can get set up with a service provider and have public numbers allocated. No need to go to the service provider website. No need to make a call. Within minutes numbers can be purchased and allocated for immediate use. We know this will be revelatory for many who’ve worked with business telephony and waited weeks for numbers.


A quick note to our international customers. The MC74 is dependent on a third party service provider for access to the PSTN. Meraki is working diligently with regulatory authorities and service providers around the world to enable us to expand support. At the time of writing the MC74 is only available to customers in the United States.

User experience is everything with a phone, and with Meraki MC this doesn’t end with the phone itself. Sometimes it’s convenient to be able to access call logs and voicemails when on the road, and Meraki makes it simple with a dedicated end user portal which can be accessed via a web browser from anywhere. There’s also the option to toggle call forwarding on or off, just in case this was forgotten before leaving the office. Click-to-call makes life easier for those who spend all day on the phone, providing the option to copy and paste a number into the portal and have it place the call on the phone. There’s even a browser plugin which will highlight any phone number on a web page for clicking to call.


There’s so much more to say about everything we’re announcing this month, in what might just be our most exciting product launch to-date. Stay tuned to the blog for more to details in the coming days and weeks. Subscribing is the best way to ensure nothing gets missed.

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Dog Tour of the Meraki Office

Here at Meraki, we are fortunate to have many friendly dogs roaming our building. We began wondering what their day-to-day is like, and a GoPro helped give us some insight. Check out the Meraki office from a totally new perspective in the video below!

Let us know what you think on Twitter @meraki, and feel free to brighten someone’s day by sharing this video!

We are always looking to hire bright talent to join us in our San Francisco, London, and Sydney offices. If you’re job hunting and would like to see what the Meraki offices look like on two legs, check out our current job listings here.

Enjoy the tour!

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Visio Stencils Now Available

Experienced networking professionals would agree that the more clearly documented a network architecture is, the easier it is to manage. As such, Visio’s diagramming tools have become widely used by those in the industry to visually map out a network’s components and connections.

We’re happy to announce that Visio stencils are now available for all Cisco Meraki hardware: our access points, switches, and security appliances.  

Visio Diagram

These stencils will make the diagramming process that much easier for our users, enabling them to make their Visio diagrams more straightforward and more flexible (with the help of predefined connection points that make it simple to create or edit links between devices).

Simple Topology

Of course it’s worth noting that for those with the full Meraki stack, the dashboard’s auto-populating topology tool should prove even faster and easier than Visio. It allows more functionality too, with hover-over hyperlinks taking you directly to the security appliance, switch, AP, or port page for at-a-glance monitoring and troubleshooting.  Until then you can download the Visio stencils here.

Part of an Australian startup? Yes, we’re talking to you!

We’re a bit more than halfway through the Australian Meraki Startup Kit promo period, but there’s still time left to submit your startup or to share this promo with a friend who can benefit. We’re selecting our 10 winners at the end of the promotion period on 30 July 2016!

The cloud managed Meraki solution can bring simplified networking to any startup, allowing team members to save time and resources when it comes to setting up their network. They’ll get valuable time back to continue their push towards the next great application, product, or innovation.

Team Meraki has certainly been in the same shoes as those of you who are a part of a scrappy startup, working tirelessly to bring new innovations to life. To show our support for the startup community, we’re giving away 10 Startup Kits that have all of the hardware and software you need to set up a full network, including:

startup kit







We will be awarding Startup Kits to up to 10 companies based on their ability to put a Cisco Meraki network to good use. To apply, fill out this short application form by 30 July 2016. Please find the eligibility requirements here.

The Meraki Startup Kit for Australian startups is a limited-time offer. Eligibility is at the sole discretion of Cisco Systems.

Enter by 30 July 2016 for a chance to receive your very own Meraki Startup Kit! To learn more about the products in the Startup Kit, attend an interactive webinar, see a live demo, and get your questions answered by our Product Specialists.


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What’s life really like for network admins? New Meraki Video reveals all

Meraki has revolutionized the experience of managing a network. Just ask anyone who’s made the switch.

Speaking of ‘switch’, and to illustrate what we mean, we’d like to present our latest video, Cloud Managed Switches. Every network administrator will recognize the experiences covered in this light hearted video, and for those who wonder what life is like for countless thousands of network admins around the world, here’s a rare insight into their reality.

There’s no doubt about it, managing Meraki network infrastructure is a breath of fresh air and will immediately begin to impact the running costs for any network, large or small.



Look good? With a few simple steps anyone can try Meraki and even save money with our current switch promotion.

Finally, our thanks go to Martín on the Meraki marketing team for bringing this awesome video to life. Let us know what you think. We’ll be listening on Twitter.

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Set Sail with Meraki Switches: 90 days left to hop on board

They’re smart. They’re fast. They’re the technology partner your business has been waiting for. We’re talking, of course, about Meraki MS Switches.

With built-in enterprise security, virtual and physical stacking, Layer 7 visibility, intelligent network mapping, live troubleshooting tools, and more, MS switches are total game-changers for networks of all sizes. Meraki switch customers understand the health of their networks, deploy new devices, configure settings, troubleshoot, and create custom reports in significantly less time and with lower costs than their third-party switch counterparts.

Join the revolution! Until July 30, 2016, first-time Meraki switch customers are eligible for a special promotion on 5-year licenses. Buy any Meraki switch and we’ll give you a 5-year management license at the list price of a 1-year license*. That’s 4 years of smooth sailing on us.

Please check out for more information, and reach out to your Meraki rep or reseller before this ship leaves port. All aboard!


*Detailed terms and conditions apply and are available here (US/LATAM/CA), here (EMEAR), here (APJC), and here (???).

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MX IT UP Part 1: Winners

First Name

Last Name Company
Andrew Brinker Burwood Group Inc
Alex Stanton IP Consulting Inc
Alex Hope Boice
Anthony Marranca Rk Dixon Co.
Atta Meer Aqueduct Technologies
Andrea Aldes Consolidated Communications
Andrew Perelgut Dimension Data
Alex Roberts Creative Network Innovations, Inc.
Barry Kenyon Electronic Systems Inc.
Ben Turnis Infrastructure Technology Solutions
Bill Thompson World Wide Technology, Inc.
Bill Kelly Annese & Associates, Inc
Brian Keys Eplus
Brad Mccloskey Verizon
Brandon Dillon Vertical Marketing
Chris Smith World Wide Technology, Inc.
Stephen AllConnected
Constantin Mohorea Long View Systems
Dan Sheehan Verizon
Darren Roback World Wide Technology, Inc.
David Taylor Dimension Data
Dave Tosoff Scalar Decisions
David Whitelaw GCS Technologies, Inc.
David Bessell Synergy Global Solutions
Don Nelligan TELUS
Daniel Ryan PC Connection
Donnie Sowell Protech Systems Group Inc
Jose David Vaquerano Nuila Adcap Network Systems, Inc.
Frank Corona Dimension Data
George Bekmezian Nexus IS
Glenn Fund Apollo Professional Solutions
Hatem Kamal CDW
Jamal Fennell CDW
James Kazin Cumberland Group LLC
Jason Hamlett World Wide Technology, Inc.
Jeff Des Jarlais Knowing Technologies, LLC
Josh Dixon Maclellan Integrated Services
Jeff Heim World Wide Technology, Inc.
Jason Fackrell Accudata Systems
John Haberer Pomeroy
James Sommers Backyard On Blake
Jonathan Kobe Presidio Networked Solutions
Jason Mcroberts Netgain Technologies Inc
Joe Stone Boice
John Reed Dimension Data
Jon Duren World Wide Technology, Inc.
Justin Field World Wide Technology, Inc.
Kevin Browning Ednetics Inc.
Kevin Shanahan Sirius Computer Solutions, Inc.
Kirby Rock-Ellis Clearpath Solutions Group LLC
Kevin Rainey Burwood Group Inc
Luke Popejoy ICS Technologies, LLC
Mathew Roberts WWT
Matt Moch Marco
Michael Bruso Pynical Inc.
Michael Hurley Annese & Associates, Inc
Michael Cano World Wide Technology, Inc.
Michael Dietrich WWT
Michael Grice CDW Canada Inc.
Michael Kennedy Scalar Decisions
Mike Deal World Wide Technology, Inc.
Mahendra Jog Annese & Associates, Inc
Matthew Kaiser Compugen Inc.
Mike Nitchman Rabbit Transit
Michael Obrien Aqueduct Technologies
Matt Roth MTM Technologies
Neil Burkinshaw SHI International Corp.
Paul Redlich Richview Baptist Church
Phil Greene Eplus
Rudy Faber Netech
Richard Pine Verizon
Rick Colvin CenturyLink
Rick Randgaard Executive Title Inc
Roy Passman Protech Systems Group Inc
Ruben Arakelyan PC Corp Inc.
Steve Faber Netech Corporation
Stephen Neary Threshold Technologies Inc
Sonny Gutierrez CDW
Spencer Smith Datalink
Steven Cole Pomeroy
Tanner Gardner Alexander Open Systems (AOS)
Timothy Whittaker Uptime Solutions Professional Sv
Timothy O’Hara Salvation Army Hq
Torrance Zeiler INW Solutions
Rebecca Ng Assaulted Womans Helpline
Yash Modi Networking For Future Inc
Adam Lepp Marco Inc
Ahmed Adeyemi One Neck IT Solutions
Amy Walton PC Connection
Brad Benz Presidio Networked Solutions
Beau Beidelschies Holiday Inn Express Madison
Brandon Gleason Axxys Technologies, Inc
Brad Johnson Pomeroy
Brad Johnson TELUS Corporation
Brennan Martin ESTI Consulting Services
Caleb Snow World Wide Technology, Inc.
Cesar Angkaw LPS Integration Inc
Charles Cousins Countertop Solutions
David Miles Insight Direct USA, Inc.
David Space CDK Global (formerly ADP Dealer Services)
David Monge-Sherman CDW Canada Inc.
Clark Rutledge CDW
David Brown AT&T (US Master)
Derek Legler World Wide Technology, Inc.
Derek Rosynek World Wide Technology, Inc.
Doyle Egg World Wide Technology, Inc.
Dave Vaughan Infranet Technologies Group
Eric Buffington
Edin Deleon Netsync Network Solutions
Eric Van Woensel Dimension Data
Frank Ugarte Carolinas IT
Greg Fennell CDW
James Bartlett Presidio Networked Solutions
Jack Faber Presidio Networked Solutions
Jeremy Hile-Hoffer Blueally Direct Llc
Jason Hosseini Internet & Telephone, LLC
Joel Love Dimension Data US
Joel Althoff Innovative Ag Services Co.
John Winters SHI International Corp.
Jason Schroeder Blueally Direct Llc
Justin Walker Netech Corporation
Jonathan Van Deventer Think Communications Inc
Josh Youngman AT&T (US Master)
Kevin Day AT&T
Ken Lulue Bellwether Technology
Kyle Plantz Marco Inc
Larry Lulich CDW
Marco Apraez Ecosource, Llc
Mark Josupait CDW
Matthew Mullen SHI International Corp.
Mike Biese Big Ten Ribs
Michael Kok One Neck IT Solutions
Mike Schmidt South Carolina Dept Of Education
Mishaal Khan Logicalis, Inc.
Matt Kopp MTM Technologies
Nathan Litz World Wide Technology, Inc.
Nate Mills Arctic Information Technology, Inc.
Quinn Snyder World Wide Technology, Inc.
Rickey Nelson Dimension data
Robert Tucker Sirius Computer Solutions, Inc.
Ryan Naccarato CADABLE
Steve Bunnell Lyric Opera Of Chicago
Steve Earenfight Denali Advanced Integration
Simon Chun SHI International Corp.
Tommy Weatherington Pomeroy
Bill Followell Hinderer John Honda Power Store
Adam Zinser CBTS
Alan Striegel Pomeroy
Alexandra Della Sera SoftChoice Corporation (US)
Asmir Hodzic Carver Public Schools
Brandon Olds SHI International Corp.
Brian Rottinghaus Pomeroy
Christopher Bomba S4nets
Craig Hagenbuch Isg Technology Llc
Chris Heiert NetGain Technologies
Chris Clouse CDW
Chris Rainone Softchoice Corporation (CA)
Chris Smolen Eplus
Edward Swackhamer Infinit Technology Solutions
George Mangeni Bishop Fenwick High School
Glenn Tonge Softchoice Corporation (CA)
Guillermo Rodriguez AT&T (US Master)
Hollis Okamura Hawaiian Telcom
Jeff Wright Presidio
Jim Mcintyre Task Management
John Yrigoyen General DataTech
Matt Mcnabb SaskTel
Mccann Beel IP Consulting Inc
Paul Jose Dimension Data
Paul Wuerslin Verizon Enterprise Solutions
Patrick Garman WBM Office Systems
Pete Thomspen Net At Work
Robin Fischer Netgain Technologies Inc
Sam Hai SHI International Corp.
Shawn Campbell Scalar Decisions
Ted Evans Clearpath Solutions Group LLC
Thomas Grimes DynTek
Tim Nordaune OneNeck IT Solutions


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