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Coming Soon: E-Rate Webinar & K-12 Roadshow

Read on to learn how Meraki can be a perfect fit for any K-12 environment.

Over the next few months, schools and libraries will be vying for a slice of government-issued E-Rate funding. E-Rate is a program which allocates funds for schools and libraries to obtain and install Internet/telecommunications and internal Internet access.

Designing a Network for the Future of Learning

The Cisco Meraki cloud managed solution is uniquely suited to meet the growing needs and demands of a continually evolving digital classroom. Meraki provides complete visibility into network usage, support for challenging, high-density environments, CIPA compliant network security, and much more. Making changes to configuration settings on local or highly remote network devices takes just a few mouse clicks through the Meraki dashboard. With Meraki, you can adapt your network on the fly for every need and, because of the unique cloud-management style, any new update or feature release is automatically pushed to customer networks, thus future-proofing the network deployment and providing a high performance network for evolving needs.

All Cisco Meraki hardware and most licenses are eligible for E-Rate funding as of the Funding Year 2015 Eligible Services List.

Check out our handy 2016 E-Rate FAQ for more information.

Learn More

On Wednesday, October 14th at 12 PM PT, we’ll be presenting a live webinar you won’t want to miss! Top E-Rate consultant from Funds for Learning, Brian Stephens, will walk through updates to the 2016 E-Rate funding year and share how they affect you. You’ll also hear from a Meraki Product Specialist about why the Cisco Meraki cloud networking full stack is built for the demands of an education environment and is trusted across thousands of K-12 campuses.

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K-12 Roadshow

In addition to our webinar and online resources, Meraki will be heading out to a trade show near you to talk all things E-Rate and how this applies to your classroom environment. You can find us at one of the following shows in the next coming months:

October 21, Charleston, SC
EdTech 2015

November 5, Springfield, IL
Illinois Education & Technology Conference

November 11, Indianapolis, IN
HECC 2015 State Conference

November 18, Albuquerque, NM
NMTIE 2015

November 21, Rochester, NY
2015 NYSCATE Conference

January 12, Orlando, FL
FETC 2016

We’d love to meet you while we’re out on the road and answer any questions you might have.

Hope to see you there!