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We’re kicking off Autumn with some new scenery in central London!

It’s an exciting time for our London-based Merakians!

Over the past few years, our London team has grown from just a handful of employees sharing a cramped cupboard and taking calls under desks to a large, multicultural and multilingual team. However, even though our team was growing, we were limited on space and needed to split ourselves between two buildings to compensate for our growing numbers.

Last week marked a new era for our European base of operations, unveiling an expansive new office in the heart of London! This new office provides ample room for all of our current employees, as well as plenty of room for growth as we continue to hire. Numerous Meraki individuals spent countless hours designing, planning, and creating this space which cultivates creativity, fosters the fun-loving Meraki spirit, and enables our world-class teams to provide unique and quintessentially ‘Meraki’ customer experiences.

The London team is looking forward to expanding their reach around the globe and this new office gives them the ability to do that easily and effectively. Take a look at a few photos from the new space! 

P.S. – We’re hiring!!


Welcome to 10 Finsbury Square in central London, home of the Cisco Meraki EMEA team.


Even at 6am on day 1, the teams are already hard at work!

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 14.49.42

Our EMEA sales teams are adjusting quite nicely and already marking their territory with flags.


Employees can enjoy camaraderie and sunshine in the outdoor areas. Yes, the sun does shine occasionally in London!

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 14.50.05

Seats on the balcony are rewarded with stellar views of the city and a local cricket pitch.