Some information in this post has changed.
More about Systems Manager licensing is available here.

Today we are excited to announce a new product structure for Systems Manager (SM). We are streamlining Systems Manager from two products to a single product that will now include all advanced features. SM Standard (free) and SM Enterprise (paid) will become just Systems Manager.

Importantly, nothing will change for existing SM Standard users unless they want it to.

What does this mean?

On March 24th, every new Systems Manager customer will be able to access features that were previously available only with SM Enterprise. Systems Manager, complete with all Enterprise features, is free for up to 100 devices, and as was previously the case with SM Standard, support is available through the Systems Manager Support Community.

For existing SM Standard (free) customers, nothing will change, and users can continue to operate Systems Manager exactly as they have before.  They will even be able to continue to enroll an unlimited number of devices free of charge.

For customers wishing to expand their new Systems Manager deployment beyond the 100 free devices, or to obtain 24/7 enterprise class phone support, then they can purchase the required number of device licenses.

As an existing SM Standard customer, what if I want to upgrade?

As of March 24th, if a customers has less than 100 devices, they can convert their SM Standard to the new fully featured Systems Manager at no cost. However, we know that many of these customers could have more than 100 devices, would like access to advanced features, and have enterprise support.

To enable these existing loyal users to take advantage of these benefits, we will offer a steep discount for those upgrading from SM Standard. This one time promotional offer is running until June 2015, and brings an unheard of discount to Systems Manager, which is already one of the most competitively priced and feature rich MDM offerings on the market.

What if I have questions?

  • Further information will be released on our blog in the coming days and weeks. Make sure to subscribe to get instant notifications when updates are released.
  • Read the FAQ to find answers to common questions.
  • Register here to attend one of three scheduled Q&A webinars next week.
  • Contact your Meraki sales representative. If you are not sure who your representative is, use the regional contact details listed here to be connected to someone who can help.

There is now one simple decision to make when choosing at Systems Manager, and that is how many licenses you need, or if you need any at all.