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Introducing the Meraki Quarterly

A new way to keep up with the breakneck pace of the Meraki team

In the new year we’re starting something new for our partners and customers. We recognise it can be a challenge to keep up with all that’s new from a fast–paced company like Cisco Meraki. To help address this, we’re launching The Meraki Quarterly in January.

Each calendar quarter we’ll bring the product managers for our Wireless, Security Appliances, Switches and MDM lines into a room and give them 10 minutes each to share what’s new and recent in a special webinar. Think of it like a snapshot of Meraki, refreshed every quarter.

The first of these will take place for our partners on Thursday January 15th and invitations will be going out very soon. For our customers we’ll run through the material from each of the product managers the following week.

We hope this will prove to be a popular regular session, and look forward to hearing your feedback after the launch.