The newly released Cisco Meraki Systems Manager Enterprise gives organizations the ability to ensure the security of devices and the content on them. But what about employees on the go that need access to resources hosted on local networks that are typically retrieved using Cisco AnyConnect, which provides encrypted network connectivity to mobile devices?

With Systems Manager Enterprise, admins can ensure not only that the AnyConnect app is installed on the device, but that the device itself remains in compliance while the AnyConnect app is deployed. Systems Manager Enterprise allows organizations to ensure complete security of their devices. Admins can quickly create new security policies in dashboard or check against existing Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) policies; devices must satisfy the defined security policy in order to have settings, content, and apps assigned.

Security compliance policies defined in dashboard are dynamic, meaning that should a compliant device violates its prescribed policy, applications can be removed/added and settings can be modified automatically. Employees use AnyConnect to securely access remote resources, so organizations will want the mobile device they are using to also be secure. For instance, if a device is jailbroken or rooted, an admin can easily create a policy that automatically removes the AnyConnect profile from the compromised mobile device.

Similarly, if a user installs a blacklisted app, they will be violating the predefined policy and the AnyConnect app will be removed from the device. With this added level of security, the user will no longer be able to use AnyConnect to connect to the VPN on their compromised device, ensuring the security of remote resources.

The possibilities are endless with Systems Manager Enterprise. Admins can easily establish any number of security policies and profiles that will automatically ensure enterprise security compliance for mobile devices as well as local and remote resources, all in a few clicks of the mouse. Learn more about Systems Manager Enterprise here.