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Tech Talks at Meraki HQ

Live in the San Francisco Bay Area and love your networking tech? Join us!

Meraki’s class-leading cloud networking solution was born out of an MIT PhD research project called Roofnet. To this day we remain passionate about the advancement of technology, with many of our engineers and new recruits coming to us with a background in research.

Continuing in this tradition, the engineering team at Cisco Meraki is excited to announce a new Meetup group dedicated to the hackers of the Bay Area. Cisco Meraki Tech Talks is designed to bring together those interested in distributed systems (like cloud technologies), computer networks and other technologies dear to our hearts.

Cisco Meraki Tech Talks

We’re kicking things off by inviting some of our favorite speakers from recent academic conferences as well as those doing interesting work in industry. Beyond the initial timetabled sessions we’re on the lookout for additional interesting speakers, so if someone comes to mind, please drop us a line.

Oh, and in case the subject matter alone isn’t enough, we’ll also be providing food and drinks at every talk, which will all take place at our beautiful San Francisco headquarters.

We look forward to welcoming you and please spread the word.