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Meraki mobile app updates bring MDM support and richer troubleshooting tools

Monitor and support your MDM-managed devices

Support for Systems Manager in the mobile app has been a popular request, and we’re happy to put it to the palm of your hands. Administrators can use the app to monitor managed clients, verify device compliance, and perform remote management and troubleshooting.

Rich details shown for a device include its location (GPS-based for mobile devices), network connectivity, compliance with MDM settings, and more. Built-in troubleshooting tools are also available: if a user is locked out of a device, perhaps due to incorrect passcode attempts, an administrator can use the mobile app to reset the passcode and have the user select a new one.



Richer remote troubleshooting

The app’s new ping tool enables remote connectivity and latency testing of network clients. Just find a device on the network from the clients page, click to see its details, and use the built-in tool to ping as needed. This is available for wireless, switching, or security appliance clients. The mobile app will display latency and packet loss over time as shown below. Recent events reveal information that helps troubleshooting, like authentication success or failures, roaming, and more.


The dashboard’s event log is a powerful tool when trying to debug a wide range of issues. It’s especially useful when trying to find the root cause of connectivity issues, authentication failures, and problems that might span across a range of network elements. In addition to the mobile app’s live tools like ping, the app’s new event page shows network-wide or client-specific events — the same information also displayed on the dashboard.

Troubleshooting the local Meraki environment

Remote troubleshooting has been improved — but local troubleshooting isn’t left out. Often times administrators are on-site, trying to debug issues in the local network. The new local connection page makes rich troubleshooting and status information available on the mobile app. This is very similar to what you’ll see by browsing to,, and — the local connection interfaces and views available for each type of Meraki product —  shows all the Meraki devices to which you’re connected in one view.

If you haven’t already downloaded the Meraki app, go to the appropriate app store:

If you already have the app installed, don’t worry—you’ll get the update automatically the next time you open the app. Enjoy!