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Startup Kit Spotlight: Simple Energy

Simple Energy uses the Meraki Startup Kit to power its customer engagement platform and help consumers save energy and money.

We chose Simple Energy, located in Boulder, Colorado, to receive a Meraki Startup Kit because of the amazing energy that their application showed. After applying for a Meraki Startup Kit, CEO and Founder Yoav Lurie wanted to share some of their culture and enthusiasm, showcased in their YouTube video.

Simple Energy motivates their customers to save energy in a fun way.

Simple Energy is a startup that uses social game mechanics to change how people save energy and how utilities engage customers. They make saving energy “fun, social, and rewarding.”

Given that simplicity is also one of the cornerstones of Cisco Meraki technology, we were pleased to hear that the Meraki Startup Kit installation and deployment process went smoothly. CTO Jim Turpin says,

“I was actually able to install it without anyone noticing on a Friday afternoon in about 15 minutes. It took longer to get it out of the boxes and rack it than it did to configure.”

Cisco Meraki hardware successfully mounted on the rafters of the Simple Energy office.

DevOps Engineer Blake Corbitt gives the Meraki Startup Kit two thumbs up.

Since incorporating Cisco Meraki into the network, Turpin’s day-to-day experience has improved. “I get to spend my time working on our product infrastructure and not making sure that everyone’s wireless works. Since installing the gear, our wireless throughput has doubled and I haven’t had a single complaint about wireless connectivity.”

Simple Energy laptops.jpg

Happy employees using the wireless with zero complaints.

“Things with the new gear are awesome. I love this stuff. It’s rock solid reliable and it just works,” Turpin tells us.

A view of the Flatirons from the Simple Energy deck, now conveniently outfitted with solid WiFi access.

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