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Cisco Meraki and CMX

Cisco Meraki Presence renamed to CMX; continued investment in cloud-managed location analytics and engagement.

Over the past year, the Meraki team has worked with other Cisco teams to increase the business relevance of WiFi via Cisco CMX (Connected Mobile Experiences) and Cisco Meraki Presence. After extensive collaboration between product development, sales, and partner teams, Cisco is in an ideal position to offer one value proposition to the market, with two implementations for customers who prefer a cloud-managed or on-premise solution. To better address the market with a single voice, moving forward the Meraki Presence solution will be marketed under the CMX branding.

Today, both Cisco cloud-managed and Cisco on-premise solutions are market leaders for their respective target customers who are looking to WiFi as a platform to detect, connect, and engage with end-users. While both solutions offer exceptional capabilities in this area, they have different feature sets, and will continue to do so. Nothing is changing with respect to product strategy – Cisco will continue investing in both on-premise (optimized for flexibility and control) and cloud-managed (optimized for ease of use) CMX offerings. On-premise solution customers will continue to deploy CMX as a license for the Mobility Services Engine, while Meraki customers will continue to find CMX included by default as part of the Meraki cloud management platform.

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