Like purchasing a new car, buying networking infrastructure is a major investment decision. You need your gear to work reliably upon first use—and for years thereafter. You want something that won’t be obsolete in 6 months. Several people, perhaps thousands, will rely on what you bought to get from point A to point B—so a smooth user experience is key. And once you’ve installed your equipment, it can be painful and time-consuming to switch to other vendors’ models.

Test driving networking gear before you commit is vital; the equipment must work in your specific environment for your specific use cases and meet your specific criteria.

Every Cisco Meraki device is available for free evaluation. Yes, free—we pay the shipping both ways, so there’s zero risk to you. You have access to full Meraki technical support—exactly what paying customers receive—during your trial as well as access to a dedicated free trial support team, so you can try out our support service along with our hardware. You can even schedule an appointment with our free trial support team and get a dashboard walk-through from a support engineer. Every piece of equipment you’ll evaluate is straight from our factory; we won’t ship you gear that’s been floating in a rotation pool. And we also supply helpful tips on how our products make life easier for you.

Getting started is simple: call us or visit to register for a free eval. Experience firsthand the ease of deploying remote sites, the benefit of seamless cloud updates that future-proof your investment, and the satisfaction of deep visibility and control over your network from any Internet-accessible device.

In short: enjoy the ride.