Organizations that operate in security-conscious environments rely on us to deliver a solution that fits their stringent requirements. As it has been for the past several years, the Cisco Meraki solution is PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, a security standard required for retailers and others who handle financial transactions) Level 1 certified, including our hardware, software, and cloud infrastructure. This is just one key aspect of the Meraki team’s ongoing commitment to security, along with the cloud architecture and built-in, easy-to-use security tools.

Out-of-band architecture

Even though the Meraki data centers are out-of-band and thus generally out-of-scope for a PCI audit, those who need to meet the requirements of a PCI audit have the additional reassurance that the Meraki architecture also meets those requirements. While the focus of PCI compliance is often on wireless, the entire Cisco Meraki cloud managed networking solution – including wireless, switching, and security appliances – is PCI compliant.

Security and management

Certifications and compliance are but one aspect of security. The Meraki solution has the features needed to meet security standards and makes it simple for administrators to meet and verify compliance. For example, the organization-wide change log lets administrators easily find changes in wireless, switching, and security network configurations. The screenshot below shows recent changes to the Meraki team’s corporate wireless network in San Francisco:


Enable alerts to be notified when settings are changed on any network:


Turn on robust account security tools with just a few clicks in the dashboard:

Providing infrastructure and tools that meet the same PCI DSS requirements that many organizations must adhere to are just a few aspects of security built into the Meraki solution. To find out more about the architecture, data centers, and security tools, see the Trust section of our website.