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Product Management Spotlight: Raj

A behind-the-scenes look at product management with Raj

Raj is the product manager of the Cisco Meraki wireless portfolio, managing the day-to-day activities and strategic direction of Cisco’s cloud-managed wireless portfolio. Throughout his career, Raj has constantly been thinking about ways to make a positive impact at scale, and with the cloud found key technology that could be leveraged to improve people’s lives. Today, this theme continues to guide his work.

“Thinking about complex business problems and applying technology to try to solve those problems is pretty cool. What’s also awesome is knowing that if you succeed, you’ll ultimately be making people’s lives better.”

Raj meets with wireless engineering
Raj meets with wireless engineering to discuss product specifications

After graduating from high school and prior to his days as an undergrad at UCLA, Raj founded a telecommunications company that focused on making it easier for people to communicate over SMS. Having gained experience in product development and management, he decided to join an organization where he could work on larger-scale systems and explore concepts he had learned along the way: using the power of cloud technology to deliver valuable solutions to customers. He found a perfect fit with the Meraki team.

Raj has been with the Meraki team for two years and has worked on a wide range of wireless hardware and software projects. Recently, he shed some light on one of the most exciting features he’s worked on, Meraki Presence, our built-in location analytics.

Update: Cisco Meraki Presence is now known as CMX (Connected Mobile Experiences), a comprehensive location analytics and engagement platform ideal for both cloud-managed or on-premise solutions. Click here to learn more.

“Presence was exciting because we took an unconventional approach to solve IT, marketing, and operations problems, and we were able to deliver additional value that isn’t typically seen in enterprise networking. We creatively leveraged a technical aspect — that WiFi devices constantly probe for networks to connect to — and paired it with data analytics to deliver valuable insight for marketing teams.”

Raj and the engineering team introduce Presence Analytics in the video below.

As an innovative feature of the Meraki wireless product line, Raj knew it was important to demystify the technology behind the solution. In the Presence Analytics White Paper, Raj exposed how the technology works and how customers can leverage it using the Meraki dashboard or the Presence API.

Looking ahead, Raj is excited about the potential for the widespread use Cisco Meraki technology across the enterprise market.

“Even though we‘ve had a ton of growth and resonance in the market, it’s exciting to know how many more customers we can reach. Adapting the product and platform to scale as we grow is going to be pretty challenging.”