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Introducing Lab Workshops: explore how easy managing your network could be

Join us and configure a full stack of Cisco Meraki gear. Create your own site-to-site VPN, voice VLAN, group-based traffic shaping policies, isolated wireless guest network, and more!

Experience matters. Our faith in this idea informs decisions around product design, usability, and support.  It’s why we invest so much time and energy in our Certified Meraki Networking Associate (CMNA) training for reseller partners: we believe in learning through experience. But not everyone can commit to an intensive, full-day training course; and not everyone is satisfied with a webinar demo or trade show pitch. So we’re launching a new, hands-on workshop at two upcoming Cisco Networkers’ Events (in Pittsburgh, PA on September 24th, and in Princeton, NJ, on October 1st) that will distill the most salient, killer features of each product line into an accessible exercise for all.

For two hours, attendees will learn about all four Meraki product lines, have access to a unique stack of network gear hosted at our San Francisco office (simulating remote site management), and will work through common, real-life scenarios under the guidance of a Cisco Meraki Systems Engineer. It’s a chance for everyone to experience the Meraki dashboard and to explore the unique features — like  Auto-VPN, virtual stacking, and cloud-based application fingerprinting — of our cloud architecture.

Our new Cisco Meraki workshop lab at our San Francisco office.


We’ll be gauging customer interest in these workshops, and expanding them if necessary, so stay tuned for more updates!  If you’re particularly keen to get involved you can view our lab from our webcam and let us know what you think.