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Engineering Spotlight: Greg

Meet one of our MS switching maestros, who recently joined Cisco Meraki after graduating from UC Berkeley in 2012.


Greg, Cisco Meraki Software Engineer, hard at work.


Today, we’re excited to introduce one of our engineers in what will be a series of blog posts on various teams within Cisco Meraki.  We’re proud of our people and the amazing work they produce; we want you to meet a few of the faces behind features you know and love.

Greg is a native of the Bay Area, and a recent UC Berkeley graduate who triple majored in Computer Science, Linguistics, and Japanese.  Today, he’s a Cisco Meraki software engineer, working on our cloud-managed MS switches.

How did Greg hear about us? “Well,” he says, “I was fresh out of college — I graduated in December of last year (2012) — and was still hanging around the Berkeley Computer Science department, and heard about a hackathon sponsored by Meraki.  I decided to participate.”

He teamed up with a friend, and together they built the winning entry: a javascript game that caught Meraki’s eye and won him an engineering interview.

“When I looked at Meraki, I thought the fundamental product was something cool to work on,” Greg explains, “and I could understand the business case for it.  I could imagine myself buying Meraki products.”

Greg’s most recent Meraki project was to write new features for MS switches’ local configuration pages, found by typing into any web browser when directly downstream from — or connected to — an MS switch.  Specifically, Greg coded per-port configuration options into the switch local status interface:

These options in the MS switch’s local interface are a result of Greg’s work.

Says Greg of the project: “When designing this local status page, we had customers to consider. If you were interacting with this page instead of the Cisco Meraki dashboard, it probably meant there was a misconfiguration or a problem with WAN connectivity.  So we wanted to ensure it was easy for customers to navigate this page — there shouldn’t be anything unexpected, or surprises in how the interface works, that would cause frustration.  It should let you make immediate choices about port configuration to get you back online as quickly as possible.”

What does Greg think of life at Cisco Meraki? “I love the code I’m writing, I love the people.  I just really enjoy my time here.”

What’s he doing now? “Working on some exciting and upcoming enhancements for our switches.”

What does Greg do when he’s not coding for us? “I go bouldering at the nearby Dogpatch gym.  And we just got a cat at my apartment — his name is Artemis and he’s only 12 weeks old.  Super cute.”


If you want to join Greg and the rest of the Cisco Meraki team, check out our jobs page — we’re hiring!