Customers use Systems Manager to deploy applications from iTunes to managed mobile devices all over the world. Beyond live iOS applications, many Cisco Meraki customers have created their own custom enterprise applications through the iOS developer program for use within their organization. As the requirements of organizations are adapting and growing, Systems Manager is developing features to address new business needs of those organizations. Systems Manager can now be used to push out enterprise applications in addition to applications generally available in iTunes. These applications can be deployed at the creator’s discretion instead of being made available on iTunes. Here’s how:

Just as you would deploy any application in Systems Manager, navigate to Mobile > Apps > Add new, but now select “iOS enterprise app.”

Next we will choose the application location. Here you can either upload the .ipa file directly to Systems Manager(Upload an IPA) or enter the URL of where you are hosting the application externally (Specify a manifest URL). The first option uses Systems Manager to locally host your custom iOS application and Systems Manager will push out the application to selected devices directly. The second option will direct users to where the application is hosted elsewhere.  The manifest in the URL distinguishes your enterprise application from a website.

Once complete, choose the devices you would like to deploy the application to, security settings, and you’re off and running. If you’re new to deploying applications from Systems Manager, we have step by step guides for deploying iOS apps and enterprise apps in our knowledge base.

Many Meraki customers are taking advantage of this feature to meet their business needs. Check out how Uber is using Systems Manager to not only push out their critical enterprise apps but also manage the thousands of mobile devices in private cars around the country. To get started using Systems Manager, check out these how to videos to manage your mobile devices right from the Cisco Meraki cloud platform.