The joys of summer: swimming pools, ice cream cones, hot sun, and — for many — renting a U-Haul and moving to a new pad. While we loved the cozy, art-spattered, yurt-filled je ne sais quoi aesthetic of our old office and spillover space, we rapidly outgrew them.

So, we moved to the Mission Bay neighborhood of San Francisco.

We’ve got two sprawling floors in a beautifully renovated waterfront location, with breathtaking views of the Bay Bridge and surrounding docks.

A scene from our Mission Bay office; AT&T park and downtown San Francisco are nearby.


Our new space is, well, spacious. We’re in the process of installing all the quirky decorative touches — from furniture to toys to desk accessories — that have always been part of our culture. We even upgraded our yurts:

One of several wooden yurts dotting our new home.


Plenty of space to stretch your legs and mind.


Hardware engineers doing their thing.


Software engineers doing their thing.


And we didn’t forget about our polite, four-legged friends during our move; they love to roam about, curl up at our feet, wag their tails, and generally make everyone super happy at work.


Respectful dogs are always welcome.


We love puppies!

And last, but certainly not least, we didn’t leave our toys — most of which have wheels of some kind or another — behind, either.

Relaxing with some foosball in the game room. The pinball machines are also addicting.


Work-life balance is key…


Scooter races abound!


Our laser cutter: perfect for carving wooden robots, etching glass, and making cool stuff.


Desktops are treasure troves.


We’ve got a sweet new server room for all our Cisco Meraki gear…


… and lots of space for all our switch cables.

Our balcony makes for a scenic lunch.


They say home is where the heart is, and we couldn’t agree more. We’re thrilled with our new pad, which is an easy hop from downtown San Francisco, public transportation, and all that the city has to offer!