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Tag that!

Manage network and organizational admins using tags from a single, consolidated view.

Ever since we introduced Cisco Meraki’s features for MSPs back in June, we’ve been  innovating upon them. Now we’re granting a popular feature wish: tagged admin management.

Organizational administrators had to visit two separate pages in Meraki’s dashboard to control access: Network-wide > alerts & administration (for network admins) or Organization > settings (for organizational admins).  This split can pose problems for service providers or large organizations overseeing several networks to efficiently allocate dashboard access.

Now, with tagged admin management enabled, all admin accounts are consolidated in a single dashboard page: Organization > administrators.  From this view, organizational admins can assign privileges to other accounts at the organizational, network, or tagged level. Tags can be brand customer names, locations, or any other useful moniker.

For example, if an MSP is managing a slew of networks, some for a retailer with many locations and others for a gas station chain, the MSP can tag these networks with descriptors like “ABC store 001,”  “Gas-station,” “Gas-station WestCoast,” or “High-Priority.” Next, dashboard privileges (Full, Read-only, Guest Ambassador) can be assigned to administrators based on those tags.

Revised v2 MSP

Global view of different admins with varying levels of dashboard access, including tag-based.

Assigning read-only access to the “Amit Inc – ABC Store 0032” network, and varying levels of access to other networks tagged “Urban,” and “HiPriority.”

Organization-wide, network-wide, and tagged permissions can be set for an admin account.

Tagged admin management is efficient and scalable.  Control dashboard access for multiple network admins (across many networks) from a single page, and flexibly allocate permission based on tags.  If you add a new network and tag it, all admins with permissions for that tag will automatically be granted appropriate access.  Conversely, if you change an individual admin’s access for a given tag, that access will propagate to all current and future networks using the tag.

For more information, please check out our documentation on managing administrative roles and our MSP white paper.