Last week, Facebook Product Managers Erik Tseng and Joanna Lee joined Cisco Meraki Wireless Product Manager Raj Krishna for an interactive webinar on how to provide an integrated WiFi sign-on platform using Facebook.

The highlight? In two mouse clicks, you can create a splash page that lets users check-in to your business page in exchange for free WiFi, instantly providing access to your current news and deals.

What else can you do with Facebook WiFi? Not only can you offer exclusive deals to your loyal customers, but you can also learn more about the clients connecting to your network to create a better user experience and promote engagement. It’s also one less password to remember, one less hassle for your customers, and the easiest way to create a lasting connection.

Below are some of the frequently asked questions during the webinar.

How can an organization offer different deals to regular WiFi users v. those who login using Facebook WiFi?

You can do this by using two SSIDs, one for Facebook WiFi users and another for regular WiFi users. Cisco Meraki Access Points can broadcast up to 15 SSIDs so you can customize your needs across many different types of users.

Check out Facebook’s “Offers” page for how to create deals for users on your Facebook WiFi SSID:

On your regular WiFi SSID, use the EXCAP api to offer promotions to users.

Where do I get a banner to advertise Facebook WiFi?

A banner designed by Facebook advertising free Wi-Fi is available here:

What if my organization doesn’t have a Facebook account?

You’ll need to create a Facebook Page for your organization in order to use Facebook WiFi with Cisco Meraki. More information on how to create a Facebook Page is available at

What happens if a business has several locations?

A valid location is required for Facebook WiFi usage. If a business has several locations, a Facebook page can be created for each of these. Check out Facebook’s Parent-Child structure if you have 5+ locations:

Will enabling Facebook WiFi in your Cisco Meraki dashboard automatically create a Facebook business page for those that don’t already have one?

No, Facebook requires businesses to create their own page. A valid location is required to use Facebook WiFi and this is defined by the business page admin, along with other custom information.

Do users have to “Check in” or can they bypass that step?

Users who connect to your SSID using Facebook WiFi will be prompted to check in using their Facebook credentials. You can allow users to skip this step by giving them open access or requiring them to input a password of your choosing, created in your Facebook page settings.

Can you require users to “Like” your page in addition to checking in?

While you cannot require a WiFi user to “Like” your organization’s Facebook page, they will be automatically prompted to do so after checking in.

How do you ensure security?

We take security very seriously at Cisco Meraki. Cisco Meraki offers a number of tools that enable administrators to ensure the security of their network as well as the information of the users that connect, including Level 1 PCI compliance and an out of band architecture. You can find out more at

How do you deny Facebook use for employees, but allow access for guest users?

You can confine employee devices to a particular SSID with restricted access to Facebook or any number of applications. Then create a separate SSID specifically for guest access with Facebook WiFi.

What encryption methods are needed for Facebook WiFi login?

Open, encryption-free association is required for Facebook WiFi.

Are there other splash page sign-on methods, besides Facebook WiFi?

Yes, with Cisco Meraki, you can create custom captive portals, walled gardens, and splash pages that allow users to continue straight to their destination, require further authentication, or route through specified pages. More information is available at

Still curious? Check out the recording and the slides here!