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Startup Kit Spotlight: 8tracks

Local internet radio startup uses Meraki Startup Kit to establish a stable connection for networked devices in its office.

8tracks logoLaunched in 2008, 8tracks is internet radio created by people, rather than algorithms.  On 8tracks, people can do two things: listen to a mix, or create a mix of at least 8 tracks. 8tracks currently streams around 15 million hours of music monthly to listeners and aspires to be the top global radio network. As part of their growth plan, 8tracks needed a dependable network to support their various wired and wireless devices.

We sent the local 8tracks guys a Startup Kit and they were anxious to set up their Meraki network right away.

8tracks CTO and co-founder Remi told us, “We’re very happy with our Meraki equipment. The biggest difference is that we have WiFi that works now! On top of that, networked devices that broadcast and require a stable connection such as Apple TV, Sonos, or our printer are much more reliable. We don’t take advantage of it too much but the online management tool is the best I’ve seen on any router.”

We hope that Remi and the 8tracks crew are able to leverage the Meraki dashboard more as they grow their team and continue to provide more online mixtapes for the music-loving public!