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Everything You’ll Need for Successful K-12 BYOD Deployments

Deploying mobile devices at your school? We have the ultimate guide to deploying iOS devices in the K-12 Environment.

Over the past few years, we’ve seen an increasing trend toward using mobile devices in classrooms.  As a key learning platform, this implementation of technology is positioned to have a significant effect on the future of the K-12 environment.  In an effort to prepare districts for deployments, we hosted two special webinars: in the first, Eric Curts from North Canton City Schools shared tips on optimizing your district’s network, while the second covered strategies for iOS deployment models and device management, restrictions, and more.

Providing Secure BYOD at North Canton City Schools

Eric Curts, Technology Director at North Canton City Schools, joined us to share how he is using the Meraki solution to support BYOD, as well as school-issued tablets and desktops across 7 schools.  By using custom L3/L7 firewall rules, L7 traffic shaping, and device policies, he created a secure network ensuring safe browsing and bandwidth prioritization for educational applications.

See how easy it is for Eric to manage his network on the fly and support a growing mobile device initiative.


The Ultimate Guide to iOS Deployments for K-12

When preparing your school’s network to handle iOS device deployments, you have options!  We’ve created a great deployment guide outlining strategies and tips for successfully supporting and managing content on these devices, including supervising devices, managing restrictions, deploying apps, and more.

Whether student-owned or school-owned, check out the Solutions Guide for detailed information and ownership models and look for upcoming webinars where we’ll take a deep dive into deployments.