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A Few New Features in Systems Manager

Take a look at the new features we’ve added to Systems Manager, and give them a try today.

Meraki’s Systems Manager teams have been hard at work, and we’ve been delighted to receive your feature requests from the built-in “make a wish” button at the bottom of every page in the Meraki dashboard. I’m happy to share a handful of new features we’ve recently rolled out in Systems Manager: enrollment restrictions, HTTP global proxy, granular profile installation, and additional privacy settings.

Enrollment restrictions

Enrollment restrictions allow you to set the IP ranges from which a device may enroll into Systems Manager. This restriction only applies during the enrollment phase, and, once enrolled, the device can receive monitoring and management commands while connected to any network.

Enrollment of devices that are connected to a Meraki network can be streamlined through automatic discovery and enrollment into Systems Manager, but a simple checkbox prevents devices from enrolling without a code.

Device enrollment restrictions

HTTP global proxy

Proxies force HTTP traffic through a particular server, which makes them popular solutions in schools and healthcare providers to ensure CIPA or HIPAA compliance as well as in corporate environments that filter web content. You can now configure the proxy in Systems Manager either manually or by using an automatic .pac URL, and you can push those settings to your supervised iOS devices.

Global proxy configuration

Granular profile installation

Profiles let you create different policies for different groups of devices. For example, the profile below is only applied to devices that have the “marketing” and “ipad” tags.

Granular profile deployment

The device details page now shows a detailed report of the profiles installed, checks the device’s compliance state, determines if a device is supervised, and enables granular debugging and controls.

Device profile details

Privacy settings

In BYOD environments, IT must carefully balance device security with employee privacy. Our new privacy settings allow you disable location or SSID tracking on a per-profile basis. Since profiles can be applied selectively to devices, Systems Manager now allows tracking of some devices but not other, more sensitive ones. IT departments can manage BYOD or corporate-owned devices while still protecting end-user privacy.

Privacy settings

All of these features are currently live in the Meraki dashboard. If you don’t have an account already, you can sign up for free online.