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Opening our newest location

Take a look at our new temporary office space a few blocks away from home

Finishing the year at over 350 employees, the Meraki team is growing so fast that it’s getting hard to find everyone a place to work. A few months ago we announced our plans to accommodate our expanding numbers by moving from 660 Alabama, our home for more than two years, to a much larger office in Mission Bay. That brand new office will open in mid-2013, but at this rate, that just isn’t soon enough.

In the meantime, we’ve opened a temporary annex just down the street at 470 Alabama where a few teams will relocate. This is the first time that the art gallery and event space is being used as an office, so we’ve had to make a few adaptations. We built temporary walls to create conference rooms, and a row of colorful yurts adds some informal meeting space, but we’re fortunate enough to still have beautiful works of art hanging on the walls around us.

Here’s a couple shots of the new space, and you can head over to Facebook to see more.