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Supporting 1:1 at Avenues: The World School

Discover how Dirk DeLo, CTO at Avenues, uses 100% cloud managed networking, including wireless APs, security appliances, and switches, to support student-centered classrooms.

When Avenues: The World School opened its doors in September 2012, the prestigious New York City private school was met with heightened media attention. The school’s unique vision to be one international school, operated in the cloud, with 20 or more campuses worldwide garnered over 5,000 applications for less than 1,000 available spots.

Dirk DeLo, CTO at Avenues, joined us on December 6, 2012 to share how the 1:1 private school uses Meraki cloud networking to support online classrooms equipped with Airplay, AirPrint, digital textbooks, and video for over 2,000 devices.

Meraki’s free MDM easily pushes textbooks and educational apps onto each student’s iPad and Macbook Air. Course management is conducted through apps like iTunes U and Evernote. And to increase participation for Avenues’ Spanish and Mandarin language immersion, teachers instruct with heavy video and wireless projection. To enable all this online technology, Dirk turned to Meraki for reliable WiFi and centralized management. He deployed hardware in mere minutes, and with just a few clicks in the dashboard, set up separate networks for students/staff and guests.

Check out the Avenues webinar ­­– learn how Dirk’s effortless management of Avenues’ network removes the need for a full-time Network Administrator and frees up time for technology innovation and integration.

You can also watch a quick video of technology in the classroom at Avenues here.