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Managing large-scale networks just got easier

Network tagging allows administrators to easily search and sync configurations in multi-network environments.

If you manage a large-scale network today, you face challenges around scalability, complexity, and security. Needing to quickly add branch locations and new networks increases the difficulty of securing and managing a growing array of devices — and the sheer number of them makes identifying problems, such as hardware or outage issues, tough.

We’re excited to announce that managing a large-scale environment just got easier with the latest updates to the Meraki dashboard. You can now assign tags to networks, improving search in multi-network environments. You can also use these network tags in the Configuration Sync tool to easily identify settings you’d like to copy from one wireless network to another.

For example, if you have wireless access points (APs) spread across your corporate offices, warehouses, and retail locations, you could tag the devices configured in those locations as such. Then, when you add a retail network for a new location, configuring it is as easy as syncing between your new network and the “retail” network tag.  Maintaining security and consistency between hundreds of networks becomes simple.

Network tagging


And don’t forget about the features already provided by Meraki that help you manage a large-scale environment, such as built-in wireless mesh networking, the ability to generate email alerts when changes are made to specific network settings, the Configuration Sync tool (which lets you copy settings from one wireless network to another), and our intuitive dashboard interface, where you can easily view the real-time health of your networks and then drill down to see the status of all connected devices.

Map showing distributed network locations


Wireless network overview

These features are useful for rapidly configuring multiple branch locations or extending a large wireless LAN while keeping tabs on the changes being made.  Additionally, it’s easy to add more devices to your network, and once added, to see at a glance which APs, switches, and security appliances need attention.

We’re constantly listening for feedback and developed these features to help you tackle your management challenges at scale.  Let us know what you think, and stay tuned for more posts detailing the new features available in the latest round of updates from Meraki!