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What’s happening with Meraki Startup Kits?

Delivering the first Meraki Startup Kits

Ever since we announced our Meraki Startup Kit program a month ago, it’s been a whirlwind of activity to read through the 700+ applications that we received from an assortment of amazing companies.

We’ve done our best to carefully evaluate each eligible company’s application and in the process, we got to check out tons of startups.  All of the companies that applied are doing impressive things—we’re seeing a lot of startups focused on social sharing whether it’s through photos or a custom app, others are doing cool things with the cloud, and many are building platforms to innovate an existing staid process.

While we would love to provide Meraki gear to everyone who applied, there is such high demand that this is simply not possible!  We had an immense number of applications from all over the world, but we combed through carefully to find the companies that fit our ideal profile—tech startups with a solid amount of funding that are innovating in their space.

The Meraki Startup Kit team has already made a handful of Startup Kit deliveries to chosen startups located in the San Francisco Bay Area.  We’ve also shipped off some Meraki Startup Kits (pictured below) to other companies —as far as Canada and the state of Georgia. So far, the response from our recipient companies has been overwhelmingly positive and we’ve been thrilled by the opportunity to get to know these cool startups and welcome them to the Meraki family.

We’re super excited to show off the first round of companies that have received a Meraki Startup Kit. We’ll showcase pictures and give a little color to each company’s networking situation before the Meraki Startup Kit arrived on the scene. Stay tuned for our Meraki Startup Kit company feature posts!