Over the past year, our MX team has been on a roll, launching new models and tons of new features on the product family. Today, we’re excited to announce we’re adding even more:

  • MX60W, a new hardware model with integrated WiFi
  • Intrusion detection (IDS) based on the industry’s leading detection engine, Snort
  • Bonjour Gateway, selectively bridging Apple Bonjour services across subnets
  • Enhancements to our Traffic Shaper, including finer-grained Layer 7 application analysis
  • A bunch of other enhancements, including dual WAN links for MX60 and MX60W, and more

We’re also announcing another new product, the Z1 Cloud Managed Teleworker Gateway, bringing seamless connectivity to teleworker and remote users.

MX60W — all in one wireless, Ethernet, and security

The newest member of the MX family, the MX60W brings integrated 802.11n WiFi connectivity in an affordable, compact, and easy to manage device. The MX60W is a complete access and security solution for small branches, providing enterprise wired and wireless connectivity, a next generation firewall, site-to-site Auto VPN, content filtering, and intrusion detection (IDS).

MX60W Cloud Managed Security Appliance with integrated WiFi

Intrusion detection (IDS)

We’ve integrated the industry’s most robust intrusion detection engine, Sourcefire’s Snort. Featuring signature, protocol, and anomaly-based inspection, IDS delivers iron-clad security, monitored and managed through the Meraki dashboard. An organization-level security report lets administrators monitor threats even in highly distributed, multi-site networks.

Bonjour gateway

An integrated Bonjour gateway enables seamless support of Apple TVs, printers, AirPlay mirroring, and any other Bonjour server device. Rather than flooding the whole network with Bonjour traffic, the MX’s Bonjour gateway selective bridges the services you choose across desired subnets, enabling scalable support of Bonjour devices.

Enhancements to Traffic Shaper

Our integrated Layer 7 Traffic Shaper brings powerful insight into network activity at the application layer — and now we’re making it even better. We’ve redesigned the classification engine to give you more application insight and report web browsing activity.

There’s more

We’re also including other enhancements to the MX family, such as dual WAN ports on the MX60 and MX60W, an enhanced UI for per-port VLAN settings, and performance enhancements for SFP+ accessories.

Z1 Cloud Managed Teleworker Gateway

The Z1 integrates networking, security, and high speed wired and wireless access in a compact and silent design. We’ve designed and built it in an entirely new form factor, a sleek, low profile design. Inside, the Z1 includes dual-band, dual-concurrent 802.11n WiFi (with 2×2 MIMO for a 600 Mbps combined radio rate) and four Gigabit Ethernet ports. It also includes Meraki’s site-to-site Auto VPN, enabling seamless connectivity to an organization’s headquarters and branches. Of course, the Z1 is managed via the cloud, and its zero-touch provisioning allows IT organizations to extend corporate access to remote users without added complexity.

Z1 Cloud Managed Teleworker Gateway

We’ll be taking a more in-depth look at these releases, including a hands-on view of the new hardware and deeper dives into some of the new software features. Stay tuned!