Using Meraki’s Systems Manager, it takes just 3 steps to distribute and deploy iOS apps wirelessly to all your students, teachers, or employees. Integration with Apple’s Volume Purchase Program (VPP) allows organizations to purchase apps for iOS devices in volume in an easy, fast, and effective way. Here’s how you can deploy apps to hundreds of iOS devices at once.

Step 1:

Log into the Systems Manager dashboard, navigate to the Configure > iOS apps page, and click on “Add a new iOS App” to add the new app.


Step 2:

You’ll see a search bar that is linked to the Apple app store, and here you can simply search for the app that you purchased . After you purchase apps from Apple, you will receive a spreadsheet containing app-specific purchase codes — one code per app purchased. Here I am looking for “iA Writer” for my iPads. Click “Add” to add the app.

Step 3:

You will see the app that you selected at the bottom the iOS apps page. In the Redemption codes text box, paste in the purchase codes for the app from the Apple VPP spreadsheet (one code per line). You can also define the scope of the deployment by pushing the app only to devices with specific tags. In the example below, only iPads which tagged as “12thGradeEnglishClass” will receive the Writer app. Moreover, you can also specify whether to remove the app when the management profile is removed and whether or not save the app’s backup data when the device is synced. Lastly, don’t forget to save the changes in the dashboard.

That is it, just 3 easy steps – on the iOS apps page, find and add the paid app, insert VPP codes, then push the app to one or thousands of iOS devices with Meraki’s Systems Manager.


Every iOS devices included in the scope of the deployment, in the example above — the devices tagged as “12thGradeEnglishClass” will receive an invitation to install the deployed app.  Click “Install” to accept the app.

Next, as required for all Apple app installation, you will be prompted to enter an iTunes Store account ID (Apple ID) and password to redeem the app. The app will start to download and within seconds, I can use Writer on my iPad.

Systems Manager is free for any organizations and to get started, just fill out a short form on our signup page. You’ll then be redirected to your new Systems Manager network, and you’ll immediately be able to start adding managed devices.

FAQ about the Apple Volume Purchase Program:

  • An iTunes Store account is required to purchase or redeem apps.
  • Once a purchase code is redeemed, the iTunes Store ID which redeemed the app is the owner of that particular instance of the app.  The purchase code cannot be redeemed by a different Apple ID.
  • All paid iOS apps in the App Store are eligible to be purchased in the Education or Business Volume Purchase Program Store.
  • The Apple Volume Purchase Program available in the US and will be expanding to the following countries soon: Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Spain, and United Kingdom.
  • For more information, see Apple’s Education VPP and Business VPP website.