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Celebrate Music and WiFi with a Jambox!

We’re incredibly excited to be sponsoring the Monterey Jazz Festival, which starts this weekend. Meraki will be providing free WiFi to thousands of jazz fans, using our brand-new MR66 outdoor 802.11n APs. We wanted to celebrate the combining of two of our passions, music and wireless, with a fun contest and a Jambox for a lucky winner!

The Jambox is a high-fidelity speaker that lets you listen to your iPod wirelessly.  It’s portable and cordless, so you can carry it around with you or drop it in the middle of a room. The Jambox is a cool new product from fellow Sequoia company Aliph, who are also famous for their Jawbone headsets. (Fun fact – we shared a building with them for quite some time, before outgrowing it and moving into our own building. Their Bluetooth labs and our dozens of APs made for an awesome RF torture test!)

Here’s how to win a Jambox:

  1. Follow @meraki on Twitter and watch for the daily trivia questions about a Monterey Jazz Festival artist. (Hint: check the feed at about 9:31am Pacific)
  2. Reply to the question by tweeting @meraki with your answer.
  3. You’ll get entered into the drawing once for each question you answer correctly – the more questions you answer right, the more likely you are to win!

We’ll tweet out the correct answer each day around 6pm Pacific time. On Friday, we’ll announce the winner. Good luck!

Contest Eligibility

  • Anyone can participate by tweeting a reply to @meraki in response to the daily question.
  • No purchase necessary, anyone who loves music and WiFi can win!
  • Winner must have a shipping address in the U.S. Sorry, no international shipments or PO boxes.
  • Offer details subject to change at any time