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Introducing the new standard for cloud networking security, reliability and scalability

Today is an exciting day for cloud networking and for Meraki customers. We’re thrilled to announce a new router and a suite of enhanced security features for wireless and wired networks:

  • A brand new member of the MX Cloud Managed Router family, the MX60.
  • A suite of new features that enhance network security and account protection
  • 99.99% uptime SLA
  • Third-party audits of Meraki’s cloud networking service

Meraki MX60


Our new router, the MX60, is the industry’s only small branch router and firewall with out-of-the-box centralized management. With fully integrated networking and firewall services, the MX60 provides 50 percent savings over traditional branch solutions. The MX60 allows organizations to:

  • Manage distributed branches through cloud-based centralized management, monitoring, and tools
  • Secure their branch networks using complete firewall services, content filtering, and antivirus/antiphishing
  • Improve network performance through Layer 7 Application Traffic Shaping (e.g. block Bit Torrent, prioritize VoIP) and user fingerprinting, without the hassle of host and port management
  • Replace MPLS with cost effective, self-configuring site-to-site VPN
  • Save over 50 percent by eliminating point solutions (firewall, traffic shaper, content filter)

It’s really easy on the eyes, too, with a form factor that is ideal for small branches that need networking and security features without the bulk of racks of hardware. Have a look:

MX60 Back View

Meraki MX60

New security tools, SLA, and third party audits

In addition to the MX60 router, we’re also releasing new enhancements that benefit both wired and wireless networks. These increase security and provide even greater dependability for security-conscious customers. We’re now adding:

  • Two factor authentication that protects accounts even if a customer’s login is compromised, for example through a stolen password or if someone writes down a password and leaves it visible to others
  • Change management tools that enable audits, alerts, delegation and control of privileges with fine-grained role based administration
  • 99.99 percent SLA, guaranteeing availability of Meraki’s cloud service, with customers’ data replicated in real time across three independent datacenters
  • Independent security audits that validate infrastructure security, with daily penetration tests and certifications from trusted third parties including McAfee.

To make security and reliability information easy to find, we’ve created a new section on our website: Here you’ll find a new centralized repository for security and reliability information about Meraki’s cloud service, as well as information on the new tools and services we’re announcing today. Cloud networking has never been as easy, secure, and reliable as it is today. And if you go over and look at, you’ll also see a completely enhanced and revamped website to go along with our new products and enhancements.