Do you know what impact iPads are having on your wireless network? Meraki’s Client Fingerprinting automatically recognizes and categorizes Apple iPads. Network administrators can see the iPads on their network and, just like with all other client devices, can see how much bandwidth they consume and what applications they are using.

To see those iPads, just search for “ipad” in the list of clients. This is an example from one of our customers’ networks:

iPad search result

Over the past month, 101 iPads connected to the network, and they transferred just over 67 GB in total. These search results are sorted by usage, so the top results listed are the iPad clients that consumed the most bandwidth.

Similarly, the Summary Report page lists the top clients on the network and lets you identify the most popular and most bandwidth-hungry clients on the network. Notice Apple iPad, iPhone, and iPod are all listed separately:

Summary report – Top operating systems

Once you’ve identified the iPads on the network, it’s also very easy to drill down and see what applications are being used on iPads, and which ones consume the most bandwidth. This example, from one of our customers running a network in a public area, shows an iPad that used over 3 GB of data in one month’s time. Over 75% of that was due to music and video consumption, and the tooltip shows Google Video alone accounted for more than 800 MB of the 3 GB.

Usage details of one iPad user

If you have already deployed a Meraki wireless network, see for yourself what impact iPads are having on your network. If you’d like to learn more, don’t miss our free webinar on integrating iPads into wireless networks on Thursday, May 26 at 11am PT. Register for free here.