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See How Simple Your Network Can Be

Customers tell us all the time that they love using the Meraki dashboard. We like to think it’s never been easier to manage a network. See for yourself with these videos. Don’t forget your popcorn!

Here’s a look at an overview and demo of the Meraki dashboard (HD version):

Traffic Shaper | (HD version)
Meraki Traffic Shaper is the first cloud-based bandwidth shaper, and the first intelligent bandwidth control integrated into a wireless network.
Client Location Services | (HD version)
Meraki’s Client Location Services allows administrators to locate wireless clients quickly and easily, using existing Meraki wireless LAN infrastructure.
Network Access Control | (HD version)
Meraki NAC provides powerful endpoint compliance assessment and enforcement capabilities to administrators without requiring any additional hardware, software or licenses.
Teleworker VPN | (HD version)
Meraki Teleworker VPN makes it easy to extend the corporate LAN to remote sites, without requiring all clients and devices to have client VPN software.

More videos are available on the Meraki YouTube channel. Let us know what you think.