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Hello, World!

Back in the summer of 2001 I turned on my first Wi-Fi device – an 802.11b PCMCIA that I received as a gift. The promise of getting 11 Mbps was incredible, and I couldn’t wait to roam freely with my laptop and connect from anywhere, as long as I lugged around my 7.5 pound laptop and found a hotspot, of course.
Today, nearly ten years later, this seems almost like talking about a long-forgotten technology. We expect our Wi-Fi to be fast, integrated, and available nearly everywhere. And so last year while attending an event in San Francisco, Startup Weekend (, I came across Meraki. It was mostly by accident, as I watched someone investigate the Wi-Fi network to make sure everyone had a strong, reliable connection. Navigating around the Meraki dashboard seemed a breeze, and even more compelling was the ability to quickly drill into certain clients and access points and assess their performance and connection. Later I learned more about the analytics and tools available, and things like the mapping tools and interference analysis  (shown below) appealed to my data loving and engineering brain cells.
Interference scan's instantaneous and cumulative graphs

Interference scan

I’m Pablo and I’m thrilled to join Meraki as solution architect. My background is in electrical engineering, specifically in wireless, networking, HF and RF, and test and measurement. Most recently I was with Agilent Technologies, where I focused on signal analysis and signal generation test tools. At Meraki, I’ll be focused on technical needs of our customers and how our products address those needs. I’ll be posting material on this blog and I look forward to engaging with all of you.