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We’re not sure why you’d want to hide such a beautiful wireless network, but….

Sometimes there are good reasons to not want to broadcast an SSID.  Often it is to prevent wireless users from associating to an SSID that they are not supposed to associate to, or if neighbors in adjacent buildings are averse to having RF “clutter” coming onto their property.

Starting today, all Meraki Enterprise network administrators will find a new feature on the Access Control page – Configure tab under Wireless Options in Dashboard: the ability to hide SSIDs.  With this feature turned on for an SSID, anyone searching for nearby wireless networks with their wireless card in their laptop or iPhone would not see this SSID, and would only be able to connect if they knew the name of the SSID.

See the below screen shot for what the new drop-down tool looks like in Dashboard:

blog shot

Note: Meraki does not recommend hiding SSIDs as the sole means of securing a wireless network against unauthorized access.  WPA/WPA2 authentication and encryption should still be used to secure your network.

Happy hiding!

-Posted by Greg Williams