Do you have a multi-site wireless deployment that is giving you fits?  Does making a small change to your wireless configuration require manual intervention and painful coordination among sites?  Managing wireless implementations in different locations is a snap with Meraki.  Not only can you manage your networks from one centralized Dashboard, but in many cases, you will only need to create a one-time  Meraki network configuration that will scale to all of your sites.  Simply create your preferred wireless network configuration prior to deployment, and then add access points to each network as necessary.  Once these access points are plugged in, they will automatically “call home” to Meraki’s Cloud Controllers and configure themselves according to your Meraki Network’s configuration.  This greatly simplifies the regional deployment of your wireless networks.

After creating each of your regional networks, you can assign specific network administrators to each network for localized administration.  You may also assign read-only administrators if required to monitor user access and overall network performance.  With the combination of centralized configuration, ease of deployment, and shared network administration, your Meraki wireless networks are super scalable and perfect for multi-site deployments.

-Posted by Dan Pittelkow