Many Meraki users rely on the Cloud Controller for various aspects of the user authentication process. For example, some networks use 802.1x (WPA-Enterprise) to authenticate against a hosted user database. Others rely on Meraki to host a splash page that must be viewed before login.

There may be times when a network cannot communicate with the Cloud Controller. This can happen in a few ways, for example, when the network’s Internet connection fails or if the Cloud Controller is temporarily unreachable.

Meraki now allows the administrator to configure what happens to new clients when the network is “disconnected.” In Open mode, new clients are allowed to access the network without signing in. In Closed mode, only clients on the white list (if any) can get on.

Disconnection behavior can be controlled per SSID.

In any case, clients that are already authenticated with the network continue to use the network without interruption.
Offline Mode

– Posted by Hans Robertson