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Band Steering

One of the main advantages of using multi-band access points like the MR14 or MR58 is that they can increase the total bandwidth available for clients on the network (e.g., 20MHz on 2.4 GHz and 40 MHz on 5 GHz). However, some devices that are 5 GHz capable (i.e. 802.11a/n clients) will connect with a 2.4 GHz radio even when a 5 GHz radio is available. Usually this is not desirable because there is less congestion on the 5 GHz band.

Meraki access points can now be configured to steer 5 GHz-capable wireless clients towards the 5 GHz band. These devices will connect at faster speeds and more clients will be able to connect to the network simultaneously.

Administrators can turn Band Steering on or off per SSID.
Band Steering

– Posted by Hans Robertson