We recently launched a number of features in our Carrier Edition that make it easier to setup and administer larger Meraki networks. Here are some of the notable new features.

Our RADIUS service has been in beta for a couple of months now, and feedback has been great. We’re adding high availability and failover features.

Custom Splash Pages
A number of people have asked for the ability to create fully custom splash pages using their own HTML. We’ve got that in the product today.

Walled Garden
Operators who are using RADIUS and their own sign up processes can now designate an IP range that unauthorized users can reach. You might use this to create a user sign-up process on your own website, or give free access to certain areas while limiting access to the broader Internet.

Lawful Intercept (Beta)
A number of jurisdictions require network operators to be able to comply with intercept requests. In the past , this was challenging because of Meraki’s use of NAT. We’ve built a special interface that allows operators to isolate the traffic of a client onto a single port range, enabling integration with existing lawful intercept systems.

Example Usage: An Integrated Network
Larger network operators can combine these features to integrate Meraki into existing network management systems. For example, you might create a splash page encouraging people to sign up for your service. Then, create a walled garden around your own signup system. Finally, you can attach your own user management system to Meraki using RADIUS.

– Posted by Hans Robertson