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Product Overview Webinars

  • Introduction to Cloud Networking

    Join us for an introduction to Meraki and our cloud managed networking products, including wireless access points, security appliances, and switches. You'll learn how cloud networking offers greater reliability, easier management, and a lower TCO - and we'll show you a live demo of the exciting features in the Meraki dashboard.

  • Cloud Managed WiFi: Next Step in Wireless

    Organizations with limited IT resources, yet with an enterprise’s needs - scalability, security, and reliability - often struggle to deliver a robust wireless experience. In this live webinar, we will show how cloud computing brings simplicity and effectiveness to wireless networks.

  • Cloud Managed Security Appliances

    Join us for a tour of this new class of cloud managed security appliance that integrates a next-generation firewall, internet gateway services, site to site VPN, and application traffic shaping, all with the power and simplicity of web-based centralized management.

  • Introduction to Cloud Networking - French

    Rejoignez-nous pour une introduction sur Meraki et sur nos produits de réseautique gérés via le cloud, incluant les points d’accès sans fil, les commutateurs Ethernet et les routeurs de sécurité. Vous apprendrez comment Meraki offre une grande fiabilité, une facilité de gestion et une réduction des couts totaux opérationnels « TCO ». Nous vous proposerons également une démo en temps réel des fonctionnalités du Dashboard Meraki

  • Cloud Based Mobile Device Management

    Join us for a tour of Meraki’s cloud-based mobile device management platform that provides over-the-air centralized management, secure BYOD protocols, diagnostics, and monitoring for mobile devices.

  • Cloud Managed Switches

    Join us for a tour of this new class of switches that brings cloud-based visibility and control over the entire edge network. From seeing combined views of thousands of ports to using diagnostic tools that improve daily operations, learn how cloud-managed networks simplify IT. Qualified attendees will receive a free Cisco Meraki MS220-8P switch with a 3-year cloud management license for joining. Please see for eligibility details.

  • Systems Manager: Meet your New TA

    Harness the enhanced feature set of Systems Manager Mobile Device Management in the education space. Features such as single app mode, role-based admin, tagging, Backpack, and AirPlay, SM can become your new teacher's assistant, and allow teachers to employ the power of IT without causing any harm to your network. The webinar assumes attendees have a basic level of Meraki Systems Manager knowledge by having attended an introductory webinar such as Introduction to Cloud Networking or Cloud Based Mobile Device Management.

Solution Webinars

  • Designing and Deploying HD Meraki Wireless

    This webinar provides useful information, advice, and real world examples of designing a high performance Meraki wireless networks. It will also cover the deployment of such networks with live demonstrations of the tools and features Meraki wireless offers, accompanied by tips on how to configure and use them. The webinar assumes attendees have a basic level of Meraki cloud managed networking knowledge by having attended an introductory webinar such as Introduction to Cloud Networking or Cloud Managed WiFi: Next Step in Wireless

  • Secure BYOD & Guest Access

    Along with laptops, new types of devices like iPads and Android phones are entering the network, raising unique concerns about supporting BYOD initiatives and security. In this educational webinar, we’ll show you how to have visibility into BYOD and provide secure guest access: apply policies by device type, measure the impact of those devices across your network, and apply settings like 802.1x, NAC, policy firewalls, and network isolation.

  • 1:1 and BYOD Solutions for K-12

    New devices on your school network present security and bandwidth challenges. Learn how to manage 1:1 or BYOD devices in your school without additional cost or complexity. We'll include a live demo showing how you can see devices on the network, apply policies by device type, and measure the impact of these devices.

  • Wireless for K-12: A Technical Deep Dive

    RADIUS integration? One touch provisioning? High density usage? Applying policies by device type? No problem! Join us for this technical deep dive into Cisco Meraki’s wireless solution for the K-12 environment. You’ll get in-depth demonstrations addressing the most common K-12 challenges, including security best practices, device visibility and management, custom bandwidth allocation, and more. Effective Immediately: K-12 webinars no longer eligible for Free APs

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