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  • Spanish company focused on property development, investment, & fund management
  • CMX location analytics provide business intelligence on how the network is used
  • Customers are enjoying reliable WiFi from the high performance network

Neinver is a leading Spanish company specializing in property development, investment, fund management, and management of real estate assets. Since its founding in 1969, it has consolidated its position in the European retail market, managing around 550,000m² of retail space, 2,000 tents, and 1,200 of the premium national and international brands. No part of the company, including the network, is left to chance, which is why the IT team installed Cisco Meraki cloud-managed devices to provide high performance, easily customizable networks for customers and staff at each site.

Original Networking Challenges

  • Previous network lacked the flexibility required by Neinver’s highly specialized company model and made adding new APs difficult
  • Performance during times of high density usage was poor and lacked the reliability expected by employees and guests
The centralized management greatly facilitates the control of the WiFi networks and adapting on demand as needed.Ramón Picado Méndez, Telecommunications & Security Manager

Why Cisco Meraki

  • With numerous remote locations throughout Europe needing different network settings, the dashboard provides the desired centralized flexibility and control
  • Built-in live tools allow the IT team to monitor, diagnose, & resolve potential issues with each of the networks without going on-site
  • Cloud management gives visibility into users, devices, and apps on the networks, giving insights into usage trends and visitor numbers
  • Auto RF optimization scans the environments, adjusting channel and power settings for high performance, while Air Marshal protects the network against wireless threats

The Deployment

  • The first wave of deployment, including physical installation and configurations, covered 6 shopping centers and took two months
  • CMX location analytics provide business intelligence into how each of the networks are being used throughout the day and can be compared against each other
  • The IT team can access the dashboard at any time to activate or change the settings, allowing them to keep up with the ever changing demands and SSID needs at each location
  • Per-SSID Layer 3 and 7 firewall and traffic shaping rules ensure appropriate and fair network usage for customers and employees


  • The quality and affordability of the Meraki solution has exceeded the expectations of the IT team, providing them with an easy to use and reliable, highly customizable network infrastructure
  • Customers at each shopping center now enjoy a high performance network that can easily support the 2,000,000 users expected by the IT team
  • Role-based administration and automatic alerts allow the team to proactively monitor various parts of the network, responding to any potential issues before they’re reported by users
  • As they expand to new locations or add APs for capacity, the new devices will seamlessly integrate into the existing network, downloading settings from the cloud
  • Licensing for each device includes all future firmware upgrades and feature releases automatically applied to the network, providing a future-proof network at no additional cost