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Clint Newell Auto Group

Clint Newell Auto Group


  • Auto group in Oregon deploys Meraki APs, switches, security appliances, and MDM
  • Mobile sales team, contractors, & guests all connected with custom permissions
  • Deep visibility and health tracking simplifies network management for lean IT team

Clint Newell Auto Group is a 3-lot, one-stop motor shop in Roseburg, Oregon. Featuring a large inventory of Toyota, Chevrolet, GMC, and Buick cars, as well as a service center, collision center, and car rental station, Clint Newell depends on the Meraki cloud-managed solution to keep its network healthy and its employees connected. Managing a robust network with a lean IT team has proven simple with a full stack of MR Access Points, MS Switches, MX Security Appliances, and Systems Manager MDM.

Original Networking Challenges

  • Previous access points were outdated and in need of a technology refresh
  • Lack of consistent wireless meshing around property for mobile employees
  • Difficult to share internal resources securely between 3 physically separate lots

Why Cisco Meraki

  • Cloud solution offers the desired flexibility and customizability in configuration
  • 802.11ac APs enable fast, reliable connectivity even in taxing wireless environments
  • Plug-and-play technology makes it easy to add new hardware at a moment’s notice
  • Enhanced network visibility and auto-audits save time, money, and IT workload
  • Dual WAN uplinks with automatic failover necessary for secure business operation
  • With Meraki, you’re gonna get the visibility, you’re gonna get the reliability, you’re gonna get a solid product. Ryan Parker, Clint Newell IT Manager

The Deployment

  • Trial of Meraki APs offered the flexibility needed to grow the company’s network
  • Proceeded to test and purchase MS Switches and MX Security Appliances as well
  • MR34 APs segregate guest and staff SSIDs to protect corporate data
  • 7 MS320-48 and a handful of MS220-8 switches enable per-port configurations, virtual stacking, easy VLAN control, remote troubleshooting, and network-wide visibility
  • MX400 UTM acts as 6 devices in one, offering stateful firewall, intrusion prevention, auto VPN, content filtering, anti-malware, high availability, and failover
  • Over 100 iPhones, iPads, Windows desktops, and other devices licensed in Systems Manager to push apps, enable location tracking, and enforce iOS restrictions


  • Custom HTML splash page presents Ts&Cs to guests, then routes to Clint Newell site
  • Sales team able to roam with tablets and quickly access customer and vehicle details
  • 3 lots securely connected and able to share internal resources and WiFi
  • Location tracking keeps tabs on company devices and wipes them if they go missing
  • Remote troubleshooting tools via the dashboard saves time and technical personnel