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Ben Bridge Jeweler

Ben Bridge Jeweler


  • Family-owned jeweler with over 75 locations deploys Cisco Meraki access points
  • Access points provide reliable wireless connection to all stores on a single SSID
  • Wireless supporting iPads to virtually showcase jewelry

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Ben Bridge Jeweler, a family operated fine jewelry retailer, operates over 75 retail stores in 11 states across the Western United States. When they needed to quickly deploy and manage point-of-sale iPads in every store, they turned to Cisco Meraki for a secure, cloud-based solution, utilizing the detailed insight and granular control offered by the Cisco Meraki wireless solutions.

Original Networking Challenges

  • Needed to replace old routers and install wireless in all retail stores
  • Multiple brands of hardware across stores made troubleshooting and repairs difficult
“We’re a small IT team covering a large geographical area, so anything I can find to make things easy is great.” - Gregory Olander, Systems Administrator

Why Cisco Meraki

  • Remote management capabilities allow for hands-off management style
  • Plug-and-play devices automatically pull their configurations from the cloud
  • PCI compliance built into Meraki solution

The Deployment

  • MR wireless access points configured through dashboard and then deployed to each store; IP addresses statically assigned through dashboard
  • Bridge mode enabled to make clients part of the LAN – useful for shared printers, back office machines, and registers
  • One network for all wireless devices with the same SSID at all stores, WPA2-PSK authentication for employees


  • A simple-to-manage network with reliable WiFi at stores across the Western United States
  • Lean IT team able to service all 75 properties from HQ with the help of dashboard
  • Two point-of-sale iPads used to get products in front of customers in store, increasing sales
  • Future possibilities include analyzing foot traffic through smartphones and extending branding to WiFi sign-on