Customer Stories: Retail

From guest WiFi to line busting and inventory management, Meraki’s cloud-managed networking lowers operational costs and improves customer experience.

  • Mitchells & Butlers

    Mitchells & Butlers

    • Centrally managing over 1,700 restaurants, pubs, and corporate offices
    • Using wireless, switching, endpoint management, and security & SD-WAN
    • Small IT team now able to focus on improving customer experience
  • 学校法人 河合塾

    学校法人 河合塾

    • e-ラーニングのための安定した無線LANを実現
    • 全国の校舎のネットワークをクラウドで一元管理
  • Mester Grønn

    Mester Grønn

    • Biggest flower chain in Norway
    • More than 120 shops across the country
    • Hybrid IT network with Meraki wireless APs
  • Assenheimer + Mulfinger GmbH & Co. KG

    Assenheimer + Mulfinger GmbH & Co. KG

    • Stabiles, leistungsstarkes WLAN für Kunden
    • Switches, Access Points und Endpoint Management an sieben Standorten
    • Dashboard-Nutzung zur einfachen Verwaltung des gesamten Netzwerks
  • 株式会社ローソン


    • 機器への機能実装、展開でクラウド管理型メリットを実感
    • 電波や機器状況を可視化できるリモート管理運用性
  • Individual Restaurant Company

    Individual Restaurant Company

    • UK restaurant company using technology to create new business opportunities
    • Standardising on Cisco Meraki networking, SD-WAN, and endpoint management
    • Increased customer loyalty and revenue growth after implementing Cisco Meraki
  • Tiendas Ta-Ta

    Tiendas Ta-Ta

    • Tiendas Ta-Ta implementa Cisco Meraki en 115 sucursales
    • Puntos de acceso MR32, MR33, MR30H y MR74
    • Administración de dispositivos móviles con Systems Manager
  • N Kid Group (Tiniworld)

    N Kid Group (Tiniworld)

    • Family edutainment centre in Vietnam upgraded to Meraki for a reliable network
    • Meraki wireless providing reliable and secure guest WiFi for parents at centres
    • Ease of management of multiple centres by lean IT team with Meraki dashboard
  • Ópticas Schilling

    Ópticas Schilling

    • Empresa Chilena implementa Cisco Meraki
    • Implementación en 50 tiendas
    • Puntos de acceso, switches y equipos de seguridad
  • Grupo Merza

    Grupo Merza

    • 219 tiendas de menudeo y 140.000 visitantes diarios.
    • Implementación de seguridad y switches Meraki
    • Implementación de cámaras de video vigilancia
  • Crediton Dairy

    Crediton Dairy

    • Milk processing plant in Devon, supplying dairy products to most UK supermarkets
    • MV cameras provide monitoring of employee health and safety & process controls
    • Saved time using cloud-based dashboard & costs with no NVR needed
  • Deezer


    • Des bornes performantes pour une bande passante allant jusqu'à 1 Gbit / seconde
    • Le contrôle à distance des branches internationales de Deezer
    • Un environnement agile pour une entreprise à forte croissance
  • Goodwill of South Florida

    Goodwill of South Florida

    • Goodwill Industries of South Florida has the full stack at HQ and its stores
    • Network spans across 46 stores, 3,200+ users, and over 500 devices
    • Maintains PCI compliance with improved visibility, management, and security
  • Reebonz


    • Online retail business with 250+ employees using Meraki to support their network
    • 2 IT staff managing their network of Meraki MR, MS, and MX
    • Cloud-based dashboard allowing ease of maintenance across 8+ countries
  • Aeropuertos Argentina 2000

    Aeropuertos Argentina 2000

    • El operador privado con más aeropuertos a nivel global
    • Primer cliente en LatAm en implementar cámaras Cisco Meraki
    • Implementación de 49 cámaras de video vigilancia
  • Coopers Brewery

    Coopers Brewery

    • AU brewery uses Meraki MR & MX to support network in brewery & branch sites
    • Meraki APs support automated guided vehicles (AGVs) used for production
    • Devices pre-configured in dashboard and online immediately when plugged in
  • Mon Motors Group

    Mon Motors Group

    • UK-based automotive dealer group with locations in S. Wales & West of England
    • Deployed Meraki wireless and EMM to seamlessly connect distributed locations
    • Built-in analytics improve employee relations & enhance customer experiences
  • SoulCycle


    • Dynamic fitness company with a focus on indoor cycling classes
    • Utilize Meraki Security Appliances in their studios and corporate offices
    • Ease and speed of deployment via templates and cloud management
  • Cassina ixc.

    Cassina ixc.

    • 株式会社カッシーナ・イクスシーはイタリアモダン高級家具ブランドの正規代理店で法人営業、百貨店や専門店などへ卸売を展開している
    • ICTを活用したコミュニケーション促進のための無線端末の増設で、快適かつ便利な無線LAN環境の整備を必要としていた
    • ローミング・スピード機能での安定性、エリア内で隈なく通信できる Meraki MRを導入
  • 京王百貨店


    • 京王百貨店は、東京都渋谷区に本社をおき、新宿店と聖蹟桜ヶ丘店の2店舗を中心に、サテライトショップを4店舗運営している
    • POSシステムやギフトシステムの運用、ゲストWi-Fiを提供するためにMeraki MR アクセスポイントを250台導入
    • いくつもの業務共通インフラとして、業務用途ごとの細かな要求の実現を可能にした
  • Brookstone


    • Nationwide retailer specializing in innovative, useful consumer goods
    • Fast, reliable WiFi required for experiential shopping adventure
    • Cloud managed 802.11ac APs and switches offer ease, visibility, and scalability
  • TOZ


    • The largest space services provider in Korea utilizes Meraki MR and MS
    • Real-time monitoring of devices at about 130 locations via the centralized dashboard
    • Enhanced customer service and satisfaction with Meraki’s reliable network
  • Fauchon


    • Un déploiement WiFi offrant une connexion performante aux visiteurs
    • Des règles de trafic de niveau 7 pour gérer l'utilisation de la bande passante
    • Un portail captif personnalisé recueillant les coordonnées des visiteurs
  • CorePower Yoga

    CorePower Yoga

    • Largest national yoga organization with over 120 studios across the US
    • Meraki MX Security Appliances and MR Access Points deployed at each location
    • Reliable network supports mobile POS, student sign-in, guest WiFi, and more
  • Mondelez & Couche-Tard

    Mondelez & Couche-Tard

    • Convenience store and food giants partner to launch WiFi campaign across Canada
    • Turnstyle's cutting edge marketing solution provides invaluable customer insight
    • A full 25% increase in customer loyalty for just a few thousand candy bars
  • Ladbrokes


    • World leader in the betting & gaming industry with over 2,700 outlets across Europe
    • Over 2,700 Cisco Meraki plug-and-play APs deployed around the UKI in short order
    • Built-in location analytics provides Ladbrokes real-time footfall data across UKI
  • 株式会社スマイルズ


    • 日本全国に約 70 店舗を展開するスープ専門店 「Soup Stock Tokyo」やネクタイ専門店 「giraffe」などを展開している
    • Cisco Meraki ソリューションでクラウド管理型の環境を実現し、運用管理の 「見える化」、わかりやすさの向上によって業務効率を大きく高めている
    • 標準で備わる機能を活用し、ネットワークだけでなく、モバイル デバイス管理 (MDM)もインフラと連携させて行えるようになった
  • 株式会社ダイヤモンドダイニング


    • 東京都内を中心に飲食店やアミューズメント施設を約 270 店舗運営
    • Facebook Wi-Fi 機能で得られるデータをマーケティング施策に活用
    • 構築時の設定投入、運用管理をすべてリモートで行い業務負荷を抑制
  • Ironman Asia Pacific

    Ironman Asia Pacific

    • Ironman Asia Pacific using MR, MS, and MX in 4 offices and on-site at races
    • VPN provides flexibility and access to Ironman's network for remote workers
    • Meraki hardware present at every race to support pre and post-race activities
  • Lone Star Texas Grill

    Lone Star Texas Grill

    • Full wireless deployment to create seamless WiFi experience for customers
    • Partnership with Cloud4Wi provides invaluable customer & passerby data
    • Captive portal results in increased engagement and return customers
  • Shaw Business - SmartWiFi

    Shaw Business - SmartWiFi

    • Canadian service provider launches Meraki-powered WiFi service for SMB market
    • Shaw provides customers business analytics with Meraki 'monitor only' dashboard
    • Meraki allows Shaw to resolve most customer support cases in real-time, remotely
  • E la Carte

    E la Carte

    • Centralized management for this Smart Dining™ technology & service provider
    • Cloud Managed MR, MS, and MX solutions provide scalable, secure infrastructure
    • Built-in troubleshooting tools offer deep visibility & remote management
  • CDK - GetWireless

    CDK - GetWireless

    • Meraki enables CDK to provide superior WiFi service to automotive dealerships
    • CDK dramatically reduce its cost of deployment with zero touch provisioning
    • Meraki cuts customer service deployment times from one week to one day
  • Design Within Reach

    Design Within Reach

    • Meraki WiFi supports HQ, 47 stores, and warehouse for premier furniture retailer
    • Built-in stateful firewall and WPA2-Enterprise authentication ensure PCI compliance
    • Studio proprietors easily deploy plug and play access points without on-site IT
  • Kafkas S.A.

    Kafkas S.A.

    • Greek electrical and lighting sales company with 47 locations in Greece
    • Bluetooth APs enable digital marketing by sending promotions to customers
    • Cloud managed 802.11ac APs provide speed and security to 7,000 customers daily
  • 福岡パルコ


    • 福岡県福岡市にある「福岡 PARCO」は、株式会社パルコ運営のファッションビル。2014年末に新館をグランドオープン
    • クラウド管理のシンプルな Wi-Fi 環境 を実現でき、ウェブから全機器の設定、管理を行うことで運用負荷が下がった
    • 公式アプリとの連携などインフラとサービスを組み合わせて提供することで、来店者のスマートフォン利 用を促し、満足度の向上にも繋がっている
  • Tommy Bahama's

    Tommy Bahama's

    • Tommy Bahama retailer deploys Cisco Meraki in over 100 stores and 10 restaurants
    • One engineer centrally manages all wireless APs, switches, and security appliances
    • Store iPads for PoS are managed and tracked with Systems Manager
  • Ben Bridge Jeweler

    Ben Bridge Jeweler

    • Family-owned jeweler with over 75 locations deploys Cisco Meraki access points
    • Access points provide reliable wireless connection to all stores on a single SSID
    • Wireless supporting iPads to virtually showcase jewelry
  • PGA Tour Superstores

    PGA Tour Superstores

    • Retailer with 20 locations nationwide supports BYOD while remaining PCI compliant
    • Intuitive cloud management offers ideal visibility and control for limited IT staff
    • Built-in analytics reveal how vendors, guests, and employees use the network
  • Peet's Coffee & Tea

    Peet's Coffee & Tea

    • Artisan coffee roaster and specialty tea retailer with over 190 locations
    • Deployed Meraki APs for guest WiFi, secure VPN network using MX Security Appliances
    • Centralized management via Meraki dashboard dramatically reduces IT support load
  • Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Canada

    Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Canada

    • High-end chocolate retailer deploys Cisco Meraki APs and security appliances
    • Provides a secure, PCI-compliant solution to support mobile POS system
    • Distinct SSIDs for POS software and staff BYOD network
  • Applebee’s


    • Multiple franchisees deploy Meraki APs in 200+ Applebee’s nationwide
    • Meraki’s built-in firewall secures cardholder data, ensuring PCI compliance
    • Eliminated separate Internet connection for guest WiFi, resulting in cost-savings
  • Clint Newell Auto Group

    Clint Newell Auto Group

    • Auto group in Oregon deploys Meraki APs, switches, security appliances, and MDM
    • Mobile sales team, contractors, & guests all connected with custom permissions
    • Deep visibility and health tracking simplifies network management for lean IT team
  • Cash Converters

    Cash Converters

    • Free phone calls between sites with managed switch ports, VOIP, and MPLS
    • Secure and reliable Internet access to support online point of sale system 24/7
    • Remote troubleshooting capabilities allow small IT team to support entire network
  • SternPartner GmbH & Co. KG

    SternPartner GmbH & Co. KG

    • Distributed German dealership and automotive service center group
    • 14 locations supporting major brands including Mercedes Benz
    • Unified wireless, switching, and security provide centralized management
  • Psichogios Publications

    Psichogios Publications

    • Leading book publishing company in Greece dedicated to educating the public
    • Installed Meraki APs throughout new store for guests & employees
    • Integrated Meraki CMX API with CRM database for targeted offers
  • Neinver


    • Spanish company focused on property development, investment, & fund management
    • CMX location analytics provide business intelligence on how the network is used
    • Customers are enjoying reliable WiFi from the high performance network
  • BQ


    • Leading European tech company with 1,200 employees & offices in Europe and Asia
    • Cloud-based Dashboard provides centralised management of distributed locations
    • Offices connected and sharing resources using self-healing Site-to-Site VPN
  • Hydroscand AB

    Hydroscand AB

    • Swedish company has warehouses & stores in 17 countries in Europe, Asia & Africa
    • Branches equipped with MX Security Appliances for site-to-site VPN connections
    • IT team configured & planned deployments using dashboard, without going on-site
  • Interface Systems

    Interface Systems

    • Meraki-powered service enables top service provider to win huge retail account
    • Interface deploys 17,000+ Meraki APs across thousands of locations within a year
    • Meraki delivers minimal store disruption with an average downtime of only 8 mins
  • Francesco Smalto

    Francesco Smalto

    • Historic bespoke tailor headquartered in Paris with 10 branch locations
    • Deployed Meraki Security Appliances with built-in WiFi to reduce installed devices
    • Stores connect using secure site-to-site VPN for transferring business-critical info
  • City of Palma de Mallorca

    City of Palma de Mallorca

    • One of Europe’s most popular vacation spots with tens of thousands visitors annually
    • Deployed Meraki APs over 5 km of beaches in 3 months along with custom tourism apps
    • Segmented SSIDs, splash pages, and Facebook login for customized authentication
  • Sterling Autobody

    Sterling Autobody

    • Centralized network management for nationwide collision repair with 60+ locations
    • Segregated SSIDs ensure security on corporate, guest and individual machine networks
    • Integrated MDM provides visibility and quick troubleshooting for shop devices
  • Forever New

    Forever New

    • Australian retailer with 260+ stores in 11 countries supports iPad PoS initiative
    • In-store access points make network management easy across sites worldwide
    • MS switches offer unprecedented visibility into corporate network
  • Cutter & Buck

    Cutter & Buck

    • Seattle-based premier apparel company with 450 employees
    • Wireless robotic sewing machines at distribution warehouse require reliable network
    • Splash page and hosted RADIUS server simplifies guest access, easing helpdesk burden
  • MAXI Autohöfe

    MAXI Autohöfe

    • 11 premier service stations distributed across Germany
    • Meraki dashboard simplifies management of network supporting 4200 clients weekly
    • Facebook login for guest WiFi increases brand recognition through check-ins
  • Lagardère Nederland

    Lagardère Nederland

    • Shops in luchthaven Schiphol en Nederlandse stations
    • Schaalbaar Meraki netwerk ondersteunt snelle groei
    • SD-WAN optimaliseert site-to-site verbinding en verlaagt kosten
  • Vehicle Testing New Zealand

    Vehicle Testing New Zealand

    • NZ company with 150+ locations leverages Meraki full stack solution
    • Meraki SD-WAN provide all branches with 20x more bandwidth and 4G backup
    • 20% cost saving on WAN after replacing costly MPLS with broadband and fibre
  • Capital S.M.A.R.T Repairs

    Capital S.M.A.R.T Repairs

    • Australian vehicle repair service chose Meraki full stack solution for efficiencies
    • Capital S.M.A.R.T Repairs maximises usage of secure SD-WAN and MV smart cameras
    • Significant cost savings by identifying inactive legacy services and infrastructure
  • 株式会社ビックカメラ


    • 通信環境のムラを解消した上、通信速度も最大で 4 倍以上高速化
    • リアルタイムに売価を変更する「電子棚札」、店頭実演販売をネットで生中継する ライブコマースなど新しいチャレンジが続々と生まれ、オムニチャネル戦略が加速
    • より詳しい購買行動データ、外国人顧客の国別データなどを駆使して次世代 店舗づくりを推進していく
  • Sandbox VR

    Sandbox VR

    • Stable network and high performance
    • Zero-touch provisioning and central management with high visibility
    • It simply works with unlimited scalability and reduced cost