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Jakintza Ikastola

Jakintza Ikastola


  • Part of the Ikastola group of schools in Northern Spain for pupils between 5-16 yrs
  • Cisco Meraki cloud managed APs provide WiFi coverage across the entire school
  • WiFi configured with WPA-PSK encryption by non-ICT teachers using the dashboard

Founded in 1944, Jakintza Ikastola is part of the Ikastola group of schools in the North of Spain. There are approximately 50 teachers that educate 500+ pupils aged between 5-16 years old.


  • The previous WiFi at the school was difficult to manage and provided no visibility into what the network was being used for and by whom
  • The WiFi password was known by almost the entire village!
  • The school’s existing wireless network was struggling to cope with the increasing number of devices
Being able to manage our entire network without an IT department or even an IT person was absolutely vital for us. Jakintza Ikastola

Why Cisco Meraki

  • Intuitive, web-based, graphical user interface to manage the wireless network
  • Plug-and-play Cisco Meraki wireless access points
  • Layer-7 application and client visibility
  • Proven in hundreds of high-density educational deployments 
  • Vendors also evaluated: Ruckus, Aerohive

The Deployment

  • Cisco Meraki MR16 cloud-managed wireless access points provide WiFi coverage for the entire school
  • WiFi configured by non-ICT teachers using the Cisco Meraki dashboard
  • Single SSID configured with WPA-PSK encryption provides WiFi access for students and staff


  • WiFi was live and fully functioning within a week
  • The simple-to-use Cisco Meraki dashboard allows teachers to manage the network themselves saving the school costs on dedicated IT staff
  • Secure, reliable & simple network access for staff and students
  • Over 150GB of data transferred over the entire wireless network on average per month
  • Over 250 unique visitors seen on the wireless network every month
  • Zero down-time since deploying