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Wörthersee Tourismus

Wörthersee Tourismus


  • Austrian tourism destination provides free WiFi to thousands of visitors
  • Meraki IP67-rated outdoor APs installed around the Lake are suited for extreme temps
  • Walled garden provides local information to visitors with email login option

Lake Wörthersee provides extraordinary experiences for visitors throughout the year, from boating and nature parks in the summer to mountain railways and snow activities in the winter. The Lake, 24 km in length with numerous types of terrain, boasts attractions for every type of adventurer. To promote business and provide information about various offerings to visitors, Wörthersee Tourismus undertook the task of deploying its first wireless network around the Lake, choosing Cisco Meraki for its reliable and robust solution.

Original Network Challenges

  • Needed an outdoor solution that could withstand the extremes in temperatures while also providing consistent coverage in the sprawling recreational area
  • Required a simple platform to provide restricted access to the network for guests and a separate network for testing new configurations
The devices were preconfigured, mounted, powered on, connected to the Internet, and then the APs were ready in just a few minutes.Mag. Roland Sint, CEO

Why Cisco Meraki

  • The ability to preconfigure devices remotely before sending them on-site for deployment saves time and cost
  • Configurations managed in the cloud allow new devices to be added in minutes, increasing overall coverage and scaling seamlessly
  • Cloud management from a web-based browser allows the IT team to oversee the entire network from one central location
  • Location analytics reveal trends in how the network is being used and where relevant points of interest lie

The Deployment

  • Over 60 IP67-rated Meraki MR66 outdoor wireless access points deployed around the Lake to provide wireless throughout the year
  • Devices preconfigured, deployed on-site on poles, lamp posts, and walls, powered on, and running in minutes
  • Walled garden configured to provide guests with access to local information for the Lake; access past the walled garden requires email login and acceptance of terms and conditions
  • Layer 3 firewall rules deny guest access to the LAN, Layer 7 firewall and traffic shaping rules limit access to certain categories of applications, like peer to peer and file sharing


  • Visitors now have year-round access to important information regarding the Lake area and activities via the new wireless network
  • Over 50,000 unique users have connected to the network in the past few months, transferring nearly 3TB of data
  • Walled garden promotes business and captures user information when guests sign in to access the Internet
  • Location analytics built into the Meraki platform used to identify trends, and can even be integrated with third party applications using the API
  • Additional benefits include automatic alerts regarding the network status and automatic firmware and feature updates at no additional cost, providing a future-proof solution
  • Looking to further integrate the wireless system with a mobile ticketing solution for major attractions to enhance customer experience