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Mooiland is a housing company that rents to residents with minimum basic income. It is based in the Netherlands with over 26,000 homes in 131 municipalities, making it one of the twenty largest corporations in the country. From organizational strategy to finance to marketing, more than 300 employees work daily to provide the best possible experiences for their clients.


  • Employees spread over multiple locations, needed reliable connectivity as they travel frequently between sites
  • With IT staff based at one central location and future company growth planned, network management needed to be centralized and scalable
The Cisco Meraki solution does all that we had hoped for: simple installation, seamless integrations, reliability, scalability, security. Meraki does it all. Frank van Schijndel, Senior Network/System Administrator, Mooiland

Why Cisco Meraki

  • Intuitive centralized dashboard provides complete visibility and control over users, devices, and applications on the network
  • Ability to add network devices at new locations as the company grows, centrally without having to be on-site
  • Built-in features, including simple VLAN assignment and custom SSID creation provide secure access for both employees and guests
  • Out of band architecture, built-in security tools, and the ability to easily segment private data from guest access provide business-critical security

The Deployment

  • Cisco Meraki cloud-managed access points deployed in less than a week across multiple locations
  • Business-critical security with out of band architecture, built-in security tools, and the ability to easily segment private data from guest access
  • Employees and guests access the WiFi via separate, secure SSIDs than can be updated in seconds as needed


  • Employees and guests use a variety of devices, including laptops, tablets, and smartphones, to seamlessly roam between sites
  • Mooiland benefits from 24x7 uptime on all access points with improved user experiences through the network
  • Seamless and fast roaming for high-speed mobility enables employees to be connected constantly, even in the event of interruption in cloud connectivity
  • Efficiency of the IT department significantly improved with access to troubleshooting tools such as packet capture and cable testing through the Cisco Meraki dashboard
  • Compared to the previously unreliable network, there have been zero complaints from end users since the installation of the Cisco Meraki cloud-managed WiFi
  • Following the success of the Cisco Meraki WiFi deployment, there are plans to take advantage of the MDM functionality also built- into the Cisco Meraki dashboard