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Douglas County Libraries

Douglas County Libraries


  • Public SSID provides seamless guest network availability across all library branches
  • Layer 7 visibility provides data-rich information on users & overall network traffic
  • Security appliances provide enhanced security and content filtering at various sites

The Douglas County Library, south of Denver, CO, includes seven library branches spanning over 50 miles. The libraries service a population of over 300,000 people and have over 8 million items in circulation. Cisco Meraki APs and security appliances deliver flawless and secure WiFi to all seven branches.  

Original Networking Challenges

  • Dated access points with few management capabilities
  • Extremely poor wireless network coverage, making employee and guest Internet access in libraries and at outdoor events difficult

Why Cisco Meraki

  • Ease of management of wireless and security through web-based dashboard
  • Enhanced wireless network coverage to support BYOD
  • Increased security and firewalling, with enhanced content filtering capabilities

The Deployment

  • Site survey to determine number of access points needed for coverage
  • Mix of indoor and outdoor MR access points across all branches
  • MX security appliances added later to support additional content filtering
“You can’t beat the ease of management with Cisco Meraki." Monique Sendze, IT Director


  • Public SSID provides open access, with Layer 3 firewall blocking rogue DNS and Layer 7 firewall denying all peer to peer
  • Staff connects to a private network via 802.1X with RADIUS authentication with no bandwidth limits
  • CMX provides useful information for marketing, in terms of how to engage passersby in library offerings
  • Intuitive reporting quantifies how many people are using the network
  • Highly positive feedback from guests and patrons in the community, who are now able to bring in their own devices and rely on the library network