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  • Berlin-based company promotes 600+ clients' businesses by creating online presences
  • Deployed Cisco Meraki 802.11ac APs, 48-port switches, and a security appliance
  • Enterprise networking provides reliable WiFi and secure, segmented guest access

Infopark provides cloud-based solutions to help companies easily create an online presence using CMS and CRM tools, thereby increasing visibility, interest, and loyalty. Founded in 1994 and based in Berlin, Germany, the company has grown significantly over the years, with 70 employees supporting tens of thousands of users in over 600 installations.


  • Previous network was costly and lacked the stability needed for the company’s heavy reliance on cloud services
  • New office is predominantly wireless with only some wired connections, which requires reliable connections and secure authentication
  • Dual internet connections with automatic WAN failover were needed to support Infopark’s business critical cloud services
We’re very happy with Meraki. We’re putting less than 30 minutes per month into the administration of the infrastructure. Thomas Witt, Director of Product & Business Development

Why Cisco Meraki

  • With no dedicated IT staff, deployment was simplified using plug-and-play devices and easy-to-configure settings
  • The intuitive centralised Cisco Meraki dashboard provides Infopark with complete control and visibility over users, devices, and applications
  • Remote management and troubleshooting gives admins the ability to maintain the infrastructure and to resolve issues from anywhere
  • Customisable traffic shaping and firewall rules on each SSID allow Infopark to enforce varying levels of access and to segment guests from the local LAN
  • Infopark uses built-in features to ensure reliability, including load balancing between ISPs which maximises uptime and provides seamless roaming

The Deployment

  • Trialed a full stack of Cisco Meraki products before fully deploying 802.11ac wireless APs, 48-port switches, and a security appliance
  • Deployment done in-house and completed in 3 days, including installation of new hardware and configurations
  • Switch ports are tagged in the Meraki dashboard to indicate their respective connected devices, like VoIP phones and Apple TVs
  • Granular control via the UTM security appliance permits whitelisted access for specific devices, like Apple TVs
  • Guests authenticate via WPA2-PSK to a separate SSID that offers no access to the Local LAN and has per-client bandwidth limits
  • Around the clock WIDS/WIPS on each AP’s dedicated security radio detects and neutralises wireless threats, ensuring security


  • Quick and seamless deployment of devices allowed employees and guests to begin using the infrastructure instantly
  • Ease of use means that fewer than 30 minutes per month is spent managing and overseeing the network
  • Employees do not have fixed desks and enjoy consistent, reliable wireless while moving around the office accessing cloud services
  • Automatic alerts and live troubleshooting tools in the Cisco Meraki dashboard enable admins to proactively monitor the network
  • Network devices automatically download newly released features, ensuring always-up-to-date performance