Customer Stories: Asia Pacific

  • Sandbox VR

    Sandbox VR

    • Stable network and high performance
    • Zero-touch provisioning and central management with high visibility
    • It simply works with unlimited scalability and reduced cost
  • Vehicle Testing New Zealand

    Vehicle Testing New Zealand

    • NZ company with 150+ locations leverages Meraki full stack solution
    • Meraki SD-WAN provide all branches with 20x more bandwidth and 4G backup
    • 20% cost saving on WAN after replacing costly MPLS with broadband and fibre
  • Yu Chun Keung Memorial College No. 2

    Yu Chun Keung Memorial College No. 2

    • Full stack Meraki solution provides one-stop network solution for the school
    • Configuration took less than a few hours for the entire network and devices
    • IT teacher is able to manage the network through Meraki Dashboard without 3rd party
  • 高雄美國學校 (KAS)

    高雄美國學校 (KAS)

    • 行业: 教育 | K - 12 美國學校
    • 規模:單一校區 | 800 學生
    • IT解決方案:採購了225套Meraki行動管理設備(Mobile Device Management)
  • Capital S.M.A.R.T Repairs

    Capital S.M.A.R.T Repairs

    • Australian vehicle repair service chose Meraki full stack solution for efficiencies
    • Capital S.M.A.R.T Repairs maximises usage of secure SD-WAN and MV smart cameras
    • Significant cost savings by identifying inactive legacy services and infrastructure

    • 行業: 智慧照護科技
    • 規模: 2019年金漾獎、2019年新創事業獎、2019年國家新創獎
    • 總部: 台灣
  • Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel (SVP) Institute

    Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel (SVP) Institute

    • SVP is India’s first paperless and entirely computerized government hospital
    • The scale of SVP’s research hospital was unprecedented for India
    • Over 500 Meraki wireless access points provided a unified digital experience
  • John XXIII College

    John XXIII College

    • IT help desk saw 80% decrease in connectivity issues
    • Operational cost reduced by $4000 every year
    • Students and teachers embrace new learning experience in outdoor spaces
  • Orange Sky Australia

    Orange Sky Australia

    • Charity org needed to scale their technology to reconnect homeless communities
    • Transitioned to Meraki for enterprise-grade connectivity in the office and vans
    • Significant increase in speed and productivity among staff and volunteers
  • Salisbury East High School

    Salisbury East High School

    • Progressive high school transformed its network with Cisco Meraki
    • Helpdesk tickets from teachers and students decreased by 40%
    • Effortless network optimisation and troubleshooting frees IT team to innovate
  • Trinity Lutheran College

    Trinity Lutheran College

    • Gold Coast college simplifies its IT environment for 1200+ students and teachers
    • Intuitive dashboard makes it easy to manage all the APs, MX, and SM in one place
    • IT team transformed into a value-added department from firefighting issues
  • Hub Australia

    Hub Australia

    • Australia’s premier workspace provider chose Cisco Meraki full stack solutions
    • Deployment took place overnight for all devices including MR, MX, MS and MV
    • Tailored user experience became reality with help of powerful network capabilities
  • 学校法人 新静岡学園

    学校法人 新静岡学園

    • 複数キャンパスを全て同環境で構築し、ネットワーク管理にかかるマンパワーを最小限にするため、運用の自動化を実現
    • Cisco Merakiアクセスポイント、スイッチ、セキュリティアプライアンス とSystems Manager EMM (MDM) を導入
    • ダッシュボードからトラフィックデータを可視化。授業の時間割とトラフィック使用量の相関関係の分析、スケジューリング 機能を使ったネットワーク管理にも活用
  • 株式会社ローソン


    • 機器への機能実装、展開でクラウド管理型メリットを実感
    • 電波や機器状況を可視化できるリモート管理運用性
  • N Kid Group (Tiniworld)

    N Kid Group (Tiniworld)

    • Family edutainment centre in Vietnam upgraded to Meraki for a reliable network
    • Meraki wireless providing reliable and secure guest WiFi for parents at centres
    • Ease of management of multiple centres by lean IT team with Meraki dashboard


    • Central and remote network management of 800 Audi car dealers across the globe
    • High scalability, easy configuration and troubleshooting of the network
    • Deployment of Meraki Wireless Access Points, Switches and Security Appliances
  • 信州ハム株式会社


    • こだわった商品作りで業界の流れをリードするハム、ベーコン、ソーセージ類の製造・販売を行なっている
    • 過酷な環境のなかでも、安定的に高速の通信ができるネットワークシステムとして MR AP、MS スイッチ、MV セキュリティカメラ、Systems Manager を採用
    • Merakiを導入したことで運営上欠かせない日々の業務がスムーズになり、より高品質な製品の提供が実現
  • Saigon South International School

    Saigon South International School

    • School in Vietnam using Meraki MR, MS, MX to support more than 1,000 students
    • Reliable, high-performance wireless meets demand of students’ mobile devices
    • Easy management of campus network with limited IT resources
  • MyRepublic


    • Cloud platform company in Asia Pacific using Meraki to manage their internal network
    • Quick deployment at new offices due to ability to pre-config Meraki devices remotely
    • Increased visibility for a lean IT team for their entire network with the dashboard
  • シャングリ・ラ ホテル 東京

    シャングリ・ラ ホテル 東京

    • 東京駅に隣接する丸の内トラストタワー本館の最上階 11 フロアを占める総客室数 200 のホテル
    • Meraki を導入したことで、館内 Wi-Fi カバレッジ強化および通信速度向上。クラウド管理で運用負荷を軽減
    • 管理コンソールで各コンポーネントの状態を一括して把握でき、運用管理の負担を削減
  • 静岡理工科大学


    • 理工学部と情報学部及び理工学研究科をもつ静岡県内唯一の私立理工学系総合大学
    • 認証の種類が豊富で設定しやすいこと、APIでデータ活用の自由度が高いことがポイントとなり、MR アクセスポイントとMS スイッチを採用
    • ローケションアナリティクスやヒートマップの可視化、分析機能を活用した教育利用をしている
  • Les Mills

    Les Mills

    • Global fitness company, based out of NZ, uses Meraki MR, MS, MX, and EMM
    • Network gear configured remotely and immediately ready to go when powered on
    • Ability to monitor network health and address concerns directly in dashboard
  • Phuket SmartCity WiFi

    Phuket SmartCity WiFi

    • One the world’s finest beach destinations using Meraki to manage their network
    • Utilising Meraki outdoor access points to provide wireless around the city
    • Leveraging location-based advertising for a sustainable business model
  • Reebonz


    • Online retail business with 250+ employees using Meraki to support their network
    • 2 IT staff managing their network of Meraki MR, MS, and MX
    • Cloud-based dashboard allowing ease of maintenance across 8+ countries
  • United Nations International School of Hanoi

    United Nations International School of Hanoi

    • A United Nations International School deploying Meraki for 1,100+ students
    • Meraki MR access points and MS switches enabling greater visibility and insight
    • Network management via web dashboard allows seamless troubleshooting for IT team
  • Yongsan International School of Seoul

    Yongsan International School of Seoul

    • International school in Korea deploys Meraki full stack
    • 3 IT team members can easily pinpoint issues and troubleshoot via dashboard
    • Since deploying Meraki, support requests to IT have decreased significantly
  • Coopers Brewery

    Coopers Brewery

    • AU brewery uses Meraki MR & MX to support network in brewery & branch sites
    • Meraki APs support automated guided vehicles (AGVs) used for production
    • Devices pre-configured in dashboard and online immediately when plugged in
  • Tourism Holdings

    Tourism Holdings

    • NZ tourism company deploys Meraki MR, MS, MX, & Systems Manager
    • Segmenting network for 1000 daily guests & staff is a breeze in Meraki dashboard
    • Instant network alerts ensure issues can be resolved quickly from anywhere
  • Grab


    • Technology company in Southeast Asia using Meraki to manage their network
    • Operating in more than 35 cities, centrally managed using Meraki dashboard
    • Lean IT able to deploy the network at new offices in one day
  • St Mary Star of the Sea College

    St Mary Star of the Sea College

    • NSW school uses Meraki MR, MS, MV to support 1,100 students and 130 staff
    • MVs provide increased visibility and security to gates surrounding campus
    • Meraki channel optimisation tools help achieve more capacity as population grows
  • Auckland Grammar School

    Auckland Grammar School

    • Oldest all-boys school in Auckland with 2,500 students and 160 staff
    • 3 IT staff look after Meraki network consisting of Meraki MS, MX, and EMM
    • Web-based dashboard allows for easy network changes without running complex CLI
  • Saracen Mineral Holdings

    Saracen Mineral Holdings

    • AU gold mining company with 5 sites, 200 employees, and 750 contractors
    • Meraki MR, MS, and MX provide secure, reliable network for housing on 4 sites
    • Two person IT team manage network remotely from Perth via Meraki dashboard
  • Queensland Airports Limited

    Queensland Airports Limited

    • AU airport organisation with four airports serves 75,000 guests monthly
    • 70+ MR APs used throughout all terminals and corporate offices
    • Location analytics and heatmaps provide detailed engagement and loyalty info
  • Whanganui District Council

    Whanganui District Council

    • NZ district council supports 300 staff and 10 sites with Meraki MR & EMM
    • IT & Meraki helped enable the ICF Smart City & Top7 Intelligent Community Awards
    • Meraki helping IT team minimize overhead costs with its ease of use & visibility
  • Eurobodalla Shire Council

    Eurobodalla Shire Council

    • NSW council supports local community with Meraki MR, MS, MV, and EMM
    • Dashboard template cloning features allowed for easy deployment
    • Pinpointing isolated events with motion search feature on MV Security Cameras
  • Attune Hearing

    Attune Hearing

    • Audiology company with 60+ sites in AU uses Meraki MR, MX, MS, and EMM
    • IT team of 2 gets full visibility into potential network issues as they arise
    • EMM solution used to manage fleet of computers across growing number of clinics
  • インターコンチネンタルホテルズグループ


    • グローバルに5000以上のホテルを持つホテルグループ
    • 優れたゲストエクスペリエンスを提供するためには、最先端を維持することが必要
    • Meraki導入後、ゲスト満足度が10%以上向上
  • Cassina ixc.

    Cassina ixc.

    • 株式会社カッシーナ・イクスシーはイタリアモダン高級家具ブランドの正規代理店で法人営業、百貨店や専門店などへ卸売を展開している
    • ICTを活用したコミュニケーション促進のための無線端末の増設で、快適かつ便利な無線LAN環境の整備を必要としていた
    • ローミング・スピード機能での安定性、エリア内で隈なく通信できる Meraki MRを導入
  • 京王百貨店


    • 京王百貨店は、東京都渋谷区に本社をおき、新宿店と聖蹟桜ヶ丘店の2店舗を中心に、サテライトショップを4店舗運営している
    • POSシステムやギフトシステムの運用、ゲストWi-Fiを提供するためにMeraki MR アクセスポイントを250台導入
    • いくつもの業務共通インフラとして、業務用途ごとの細かな要求の実現を可能にした
  • Wellington Free Ambulance

    Wellington Free Ambulance

    • New Zealand ambulance service relies on Meraki to serve 400,000 inhabitants
    • MR APs and MS Switches help transfer sensitive patient stats and digital docs
    • Painless deployment took only 5 minutes to configure MR APs in the head office
  • 日光ケミカルズ株式会社


    • 日光ケミカルズは、国内外で化粧品や医薬品から食品、塗料インキ、油剤、一般工業まで、幅広い領域や製品開発サポートをしている
    • 管理者側からの運用が容易である、コストパフォーマンスが良く、モバイル端末管理の機能を持っていて、クラウドから一括集中管理できる、という4点からMeraki を選定
    • 国内外拠点にMR、MX、Systems Manager MDM・EMMを導入したことで、より使いやすいネットワークの運営が可能に
  • 国立大学法人東京海洋大学


    • 老朽化が進んだ無線LAN環境の刷新に着手。高速であることなどと同時に、安全性と管理性の強化が大きなテーマとなった
    • セキュリティ製品「Meraki MX」を採用。複数の機能で脅威の侵入を防ぐ上、アップデートの自動化で運用を効率化できる
    • アクセスポイントMeraki MRも評価。Merakiのクラウド管理を有効活用すれば、無線LANの運用をより効率化できると期待
  • TOZ


    • The largest space services provider in Korea utilizes Meraki MR and MS
    • Real-time monitoring of devices at about 130 locations via the centralized dashboard
    • Enhanced customer service and satisfaction with Meraki’s reliable network
  • Rosebank College

    Rosebank College

    • NSW Year 7-12 school upgrades indoor and outdoor network with Meraki MR and MX
    • Significant efficiencies in integrating Meraki VPN with existing VPN service
    • Systems Manager EMM providing deep visibility into all student devices
  • Motel 6 and Studio 6

    Motel 6 and Studio 6

    • Leading hospitality brand operates more than 1,100 hotels across North America
    • Deployed 10,000 access points, one of the largest cloud-managed networks
    • Entire deployment took just 5 months, now serves up to 35,000 guests per week
  • Teraoka Seiko

    Teraoka Seiko

    • Japanese manufacturing corporation with over 120 locations worldwide
    • Connects global sites utilizing Auto VPN on the MX Security Appliance
    • Effortless pre-installation process significantly decreased time to deployment
  • Zero Latency

    Zero Latency

    • Virtual reality company relies on Meraki network for gaming experience
    • Network issues decreased by roughly 50% since implementing Meraki
    • Thousands of TBs of data flow smoothly through Meraki network daily
  • 玉川聖学院


    • 革新的な教育システムを目指す私立の中高一貫校(東京都世田谷区)
    • Merakiアクセスポイント、スイッチ、セキュリティアプライアンス とSystems Manager MDM を導入
    • Systems Manager MDM によって、学習ツールとして最適な制限をかけ、ルールを守った先進的な ICT 教育を実現
  • 株式会社スマイルズ


    • 日本全国に約 70 店舗を展開するスープ専門店 「Soup Stock Tokyo」やネクタイ専門店 「giraffe」などを展開している
    • Cisco Meraki ソリューションでクラウド管理型の環境を実現し、運用管理の 「見える化」、わかりやすさの向上によって業務効率を大きく高めている
    • 標準で備わる機能を活用し、ネットワークだけでなく、モバイル デバイス管理 (MDM)もインフラと連携させて行えるようになった
  • 株式会社ダイヤモンドダイニング


    • 東京都内を中心に飲食店やアミューズメント施設を約 270 店舗運営
    • Facebook Wi-Fi 機能で得られるデータをマーケティング施策に活用
    • 構築時の設定投入、運用管理をすべてリモートで行い業務負荷を抑制
  • ニセコ観光圏


    • ニセコ山系を中心とする豊かな自然環境に恵まれた、世界中から数多くの観光客が訪れる観光圏
    • 観光圏の魅力をより高めるため、Meraki MRアクセスポイントを活用したフリーWi-Fiサービスを提供
    • 駅や観光案内所などに設置したデジタルサイネージに、バスの現在位置、リフトの運行状況などを日英で表示し、海外からの旅行客に向けた情報配信が実現
  • Ironman Asia Pacific

    Ironman Asia Pacific

    • Ironman Asia Pacific using MR, MS, and MX in 4 offices and on-site at races
    • VPN provides flexibility and access to Ironman's network for remote workers
    • Meraki hardware present at every race to support pre and post-race activities
  • ホテル志摩スペイン村


    • 世界各地から観光客が訪れる三重県志摩市にあるテーマパーク、「パルケエスパーニャ」に隣接しているオフィシャルホテル
    • ITの経験がない普段運用管理している現場の管理職の方からも見やすくて、使いやすいダッシュボードは好評
    • レイヤ7の可視化ができるので、特定のコンテンツをブロックしたり、帯域を絞ったりなどの機能を活用している
  • 福岡パルコ


    • 福岡県福岡市にある「福岡 PARCO」は、株式会社パルコ運営のファッションビル。2014年末に新館をグランドオープン
    • クラウド管理のシンプルな Wi-Fi 環境 を実現でき、ウェブから全機器の設定、管理を行うことで運用負荷が下がった
    • 公式アプリとの連携などインフラとサービスを組み合わせて提供することで、来店者のスマートフォン利 用を促し、満足度の向上にも繋がっている
  • Property Brokers

    Property Brokers

    • Real estate company in NZ uses Meraki to manage & troubleshoot all devices
    • 42 branch offices centrally managed from Palmerston North using Meraki dashboard
    • Lean IT team saves time & resources, as travel is no longer needed to set up APs
  • Casey-Cardinia Library Corporation

    Casey-Cardinia Library Corporation

    • Australian library group uses MR APs and MS Switches to support guest network
    • CMX provides real-time analytics on traffic trends, dwell time, and more
    • 200% to 400% increase in WiFi usage across 7 branches
  • Cash Converters

    Cash Converters

    • Free phone calls between sites with managed switch ports, VOIP, and MPLS
    • Secure and reliable Internet access to support online point of sale system 24/7
    • Remote troubleshooting capabilities allow small IT team to support entire network
  • Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre

    Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre

    • Meraki selected based on price, capability, scalability, and ease of maintenance
    • 110+ MR APs were set up within 3 days with little to no business impact
    • CMX analytics are in high demand for exhibitors to review audience behavior
  • BQ


    • Leading European tech company with 1,200 employees & offices in Europe and Asia
    • Cloud-based Dashboard provides centralised management of distributed locations
    • Offices connected and sharing resources using self-healing Site-to-Site VPN
  • Hills Educational Foundation

    Hills Educational Foundation

    • Australian school deploys complete Meraki solution to replace legacy network
    • Deployment in indoor and outdoor spaces across 660 acre campus within one week
    • Cloud dashboard allows simple management of guest network and security settings
  • Study Group

    Study Group

    • Australian higher education company deploys Meraki full stack worldwide
    • Dashboard provides visibility and helps IT team make modifications on the fly
    • Real-time analytics enable IT to prioritize resources and device updates
  • Cardno


    • Professional infrastructure & environmental services company with 200+ offices
    • Preconfigured all APs for easy out-of-box setup at remote sites
    • New Meraki features added on ongoing basis provide team with peace of mind
  • Archipelago International

    Archipelago International

    • Leading Indonesian hotel chain deploys thousands of Cisco Meraki devices
    • Cloud architecture dramatically reduces troubleshooting and management labour time
    • Detailed reporting features provide concrete data to ISP to improve SLA
  • Forever New

    Forever New

    • Australian retailer with 260+ stores in 11 countries supports iPad PoS initiative
    • In-store access points make network management easy across sites worldwide
    • MS switches offer unprecedented visibility into corporate network